Prumnopitys ladei – Mount Spurgeon Black Pine

A rare tree with a limited distribution in the wild, but a great Australian conifer that deserves a place in more landscaping, and can also be used in containers as a Christmas tree as it can be used indoors in a well lit position. It is slow growing to around 10 metres high, likes a well drained acid soil with plenty of organic matter, and can be used from sub tropical areas to cooler places as it can withstand moderate frost once established. It has male and female plants, with large blue seeds on the female.

Scientific Name:Prumnopitys ladei
Common Name:Mount Spurgeon Black Pine
Plant Type:Small tree
Height:5 ~ 10 metres
Width:2 ~ 4 metres
Flower Colour:Green
Flowering Time:Spring
Ph Level:Acid, Neutral
Soil Type:Loamy, Sandy loam, Clay loam, Potting mix
Plant Environment:Low maintenance garden, Indoor, Container growing, Cold climate
Climate Zone:Sub-tropical, Warm temperate, Cool temperate, Mediterranean, Cool
Light:Sunny, Light shade
Growth Habit:Evergreen, Dense foliage, Column-shaped
Soil Moisture:Well-drained, Moist moderate drainage
Propagation Method:Seed
Frost Tolerance:Tolerates light frost
Plant Usage:Feature plant, Screen, Windbreak, Attractive foliage
Special Uses:Bonsai, Decorative fruit



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