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Worm Booster Pack


** Price Includes Postage To Anywhere In Australia **

This pack contains approximately 150 composting worms and is perfect for those wishing to boost their worm farm or compost population. We recommend if setting up a brand new worm farm or composting unit, it is best to obtain worms in larger quantities. Composting worms are a wonderful way to dispose of household kitchen scraps and carbon rich materials such as cardboard, paper towel, dried leaves and toilet rolls. Your composting worms can process organic material, turning them into rich castings or compost that can be used in the garden, rather than being put in the bin and becoming locked up in landfill! Feed your worms small amounts to begin with. Make sure to feed them a good balance of kitchen scraps and carbon material and provide them with a damp (but not too wet) and dark environment.

Worms come packed in a recycled take away food container, and will include bedding and wrapped in damp corrugated cardboard so they stress less on their journey. Worms will be posted out on a Monday.