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The Waterwise Australian Native Garden With A FREE Davidson’s Plum Plant!!

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***Due to Quarantine restrictions this item can only be sent to QLD, NSW and Victoria***

The Waterwise Australian Native Garden with a FREE Davidson’s Plum Plant (the exact plant pictured in this photo) in a biodegradable pot.

The Waterwise Australian Native Garden is a comprehensive, lavishly illustrated book by Angus Stewart and A.B. Bishop on how to create a garden based on Australian plants.

1 x Davidsonia pruriens (Davidsons Plum) planted in a 125mm High, 100% biodegradable coir pot, which can be put straight into the ground or into a larger pot, which eliminates shock to roots during transplanting. The coir pot allows the roots to grow through it, and it will degrade over time into the soil.

Davidsonia pruriens is a small to medium sized rainforest tree and is a popular bush tucker plant. It bears plum sized fruit with intensely purple coloured skin and red flesh right through the fruit when ripe, and they have a very tangy sour flavor- too sour for eating fresh but they make superb jams and sauces. The way the fruit is borne is interesting, as they grow in clusters straight from the trunk.

The tree suits difficult spots in the garden, as they are slender rather than spreading, with a canopy of handsome leaves at the top of the trunk. New foliage is red and furry. They like part sun and will also grow in full sun if they have a protected spot. Can be pot grown for a time as a decorative plant. While they are a rainforest plant and do best in a tropical to sub tropical climate, they can also be grown in warm temperate areas in a sheltered position.




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