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Lemon Myrtle Flakes- 10g


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10g of lemon myrtle proceesed into larger flake size. The leaves are hand picked, dried carefully to preserve the oils and processed for use. A little bit of the flakes goes a long way. Perfect to flavour all sorts of culinary dishes from savoury to sweet.

Some ideas for use in the kitchen include:

* Create your own unique flavours when added to plain vodka or gin or even for home beer brewing.

* A beautiful addition to tea, or on it’s own for a refreshing lemon flavoured brew.

* An all Australian substitute for lemon grass

* Asian dishes

* Perfect to add to season salts

* Great for BBQ’s

* Very well suited to fish or chicken dishes

* Biscuits and icings

* Goes well in sweet desserts such as cheesecake and ice-cream

* Sauces

When it comes to lemon myrtle, your imagination is the only limit!

Be sure to add the lemon myrtle flakes towards the end of cooking. Lemon myrtle is mainly citral but may also have very small amounts of camphor-eucalyptus type compounds which can dominate with long cooking.