Kangaroo Paw Yellow Gem/Orange Cross special offer – 10 tubes for the price of 8


*****Price includes postage!*****

A pack of 10 tubes of kangaroo paws ‘Yellow Gem’ (5 tubes) and ‘Orange Cross’ (5 tubes) for the price of 8 posted direct to your door

Kangaroo paws (Anigozanthos) ‘Yellow Gem’ and ‘Orange Cross’ are both ‘Tall and Tough’ kangaroo paws that will grow well from Darwin to Hobart due to the exceptional adaptability. Both varieties have been around for many years and have proven themselves across a wide range of soil and climatic types across Australia. Thet suit most soils including clay and can be grown in sun to part shade. Higher light levels will give better flowering. Blooming in spring with multi branched stems with bright, vivid colours, they will attract nectar-feeding birds such as honeyeaters and spinebills to the garden. They are also lovely eye-catching cut flowers. Both varieties will tolerate wet spells, humidity and heavier soil types. Easy care and fast-growing plants which form large clumps, if the leaves become damaged from old age or extreme weather conditions such as frost, and when the flower stems die off, simply cut the old growth down close to the ground. The plant will reshoot from the underground rhizome. These excellent tall kangaroo paws will grow with ease and perform well for many years, bearing masses of brightly coloured flowers from spring through summer. To reach their full potential some feeding and watering as the plant forms buds, a good native or general-purpose fertiliser followed up with a good watering will ensure good growth.

Plants are grown in tubes 40mm square, and are grown on outdoor benches to be sun, wind and frost hardy and ready to plant straight to your garden or bigger pots

*****Price includes postage!*****


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