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Grow Your Own + Free Rocoto Tree Chilli Seeds

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*** Grow Your Own Book with FREE Rocoto Tree Chilli Seeds and 5 coir pots ***

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If you love chillies and want to spice things up in the garden and kitchen, then this pack is for you! The book will give you all the knowledge you need to grow your own urban edible garden, while the seeds and pots will give you a chance to put it all into practice. This pack includes:

Book: Grow Your Own – How To Be An Urban Farmer:

An accessible and inspiring book full of clever solutions to help maximize even the tiniest urban growing space, sustainably.

10 Rocoto Tree Chilli – Capsicum Pubescens Seeds:

The Rocoto Tree Chilli is different to the normal varieties of chilli that are commonly sold, which are Capsicum annuum. The Rocoto chilli is Capsicum pubescens, , so named for the fine hairs on the leaves (pubescens = hairy)

They come from Peru and Bolivia, and will form a medium sized shrub with a woody stem, and can live for years. They grow 1 to 2 metres or so in height, and bear a number of fruit, and will even produce them in the colder months if conditions are right. The Rocoto chili can grow in cooler areas such as Melbourne in sheltered positions, as it can handle cold OK, but not too much frost. Best in sunny moist spots, and can be grown in containers. They have purple flowers, fruit matures to red, and they have black seeds.

The fruit is meaty and juicy unlike normal chillies. Biting into them can produce a surprise for those expecting a capsicum, as these chillies are hot! No doubt this is where one of the alternate common names, the Hotlips Chilli, arises.

South Americans make a fantastic salsa or dipping sauce from these, adding tomatoes and coriander and grinding or mincing all together. The thick walls of the fruit make them unsuited to drying, but they are great for using fresh in lots of different recipes, or just for the brave to eat whole.

5 Biodegradable Coir Pots:

These 100% biodegradable and organic coir pots are a game changer in the plant world for both the environment and gardener alike! They are made using a renewable, sustainable resource from a by product coconut fibre. Perfect for growing seeds or young plants in, the beauty of these pots is they can be put straight into the ground, plant, soil, pot and all! Unlike plastic pots, the plants roots will grow go through the coir once they have been planted into the ground. Your plants will not become root bound, thus eliminating shock to roots during transplanting. Each pot measures 125mm High, 55mm Wide, 35mm Base. 

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