EVERLASTING JOY! Collection – 8 tubes of everlasting daisies


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A wonderful collection of everlasting daisies, these beauties will bring gorgeous colour to your garden, and will attract butterflies, pollinators and other insects. As an added bonus you can use the flowers fresh for cut flowers, or dry them…they will keep their colour for many years.

You get 8 tubes, 2 tubes each of the following varieties-

Chrysocephalum baxteri– A lovely clumping perennial everlasting daisy, with grey foliage and white flowers over a long period, from spring to early autumn. Likes a sunny spot in well drained moist soils.

Chrysocephalum apiculatum – An evergreen groundcovering perennial with beautiful silvery grey foliage and a profusion of golden yellow button flowers from spring to autumn. The papery flowers can be picked and hung upside to dry, and can then be used for dried arrangements. A hardy, waterwise, low maintenance plant. Good or massed plantings, rockeries and containers. This plant is a food source for butterflies.

Xerochrysum ‘Linda’s Pink’ – A lovely pink form of  Xerochrysum papillosum which normally has all white flowers and naturally grows in southern Victoria and Tasmania. A hardy and adaptable perennial plant and makes a wonderful garden plant. It will flower from late spring through to summer, with peak flowering in spring- cut back old flowers to encourage a new flush.

Xerochrysum ‘Cockatoo’ – A superb and reliable everlasting daisy with grey-green leaves and a profusion of lemon-coloured flowers through the warm months. A great general garden or pot plant and cut flower. Good heat tolerant plant, flowers best in full sun but will tolerate light shade.

Plants are grown in tubes 50mm square, 120mm deep, and are grown on outdoor benches to be sun, wind and frost hardy and ready to plant straight to your garden or bigger pots

*****Price includes postage!*****


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