Davidsonia pruriens – Davidsons Plum Seed


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Davidsonia pruriens – Davidson’s Plum

Davidson’s plum is a small to medium sized rainforest tree from the northern NSW coast, bearing useful dark burgundy sour fruit that grow in clusters along the trunk, which can be made into jams and jellies, used in both sweet and savoury sauces, and is high in antioxidants.

Davidson’s plum can be grown in shaded positions as well as full sun, and can also be used as an indoor plant when young. It is tall and slender, so can fit into narrow places. It prefers moist and fertile soils, but is tolerant of poorer soils. It is troubled by few pests and diseases. Tolerates only mild frost once established.
The fruit drops from the tree when ripe, around December-January. It has a rich, tangy taste, and an intense colour.


5 seeds per pack. Soak seed overnight, sow in seed raising mix and just cover, or direct sow where you want them to grow, keep moist. Germination is in 3 weeks, but some seed can take several months to germinate, nicking the seed cover on the slow ones can help. Sow in warm months.

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