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Australian Native Edibles: Pack of 3


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Get your Australian native bush tucker garden going with this pack of three plants!

Ideal for gardens both large and small this pack contains the following, each in their own 125mm high biodegradable coir pot, which can be planted straight into the garden bed or a large pot:

  1. Apium prostratum – sea celery:   This plant is a great edible native plant, and grows naturally along coastal areas in southern states of Australia. This is the cascading form which looks great grown on banks or in hanging baskets and pots. It grows best in part shade, but can also be grown in sun with a bit of extra care. It seeds itself readily. A good bush tucker plant for smaller gardens and balconies, as well as larger areas, and an attractive container plan, with its attractive ferny foliage. It can be used like parsley or celery in dishes like salads, stews and soups, and has a nice flavour.
  2. Yam Daisy – Microseris lanceolata:   A variable species found in southern Australia, it looks very similar to dandelions, even having a fluffy seed head which is dispersed by wind. It has a rosette of toothed long and narrow leaves, yellow flowers from spring to autumn, and edible tuberous roots. The roots are roasted before eating, and can also be eaten raw. Grows in a sunny spot, in hot weather it prefers part shade. Will do well in most soil types, and while it is drought and frost tolerant,  good care will ensure better growth.
  3. Native Pennyroyal – Mentha satureioides ‘Bush Mint:’  The unique mint flavour is a feature of this low clumping native herb. It can be used in place of exotic mint and its common name reflects the fact that its scent is similar to exotic pennyroyal. It makes a perfect pot plant as it does send out runners and will spread to fill whatever space it is given, but regular light trimming for use in the kitchen will keep it in shape.

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