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6 Pack Of Paws: Landscape Orange- postage included


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Landscape Orange kangaroo paws grown in a 125mm high, 100% biodegradable coir forestry tube. This enables the plant and pot to be planted straight into the ground or larger pot, which eliminates shock to roots during transplanting.

Very limited number available!

This is a tough and tall variety of kangaroo paw with bright flowers of orange with yellow shadings. It flowers in mid spring to early summer and the stems are branching, giving more blooms per stem. Birds love the flowers. It is suitable for most soil types, from clay to sandy, and even damp ones. An easy care variety, any blackened leaves can simply be pulled off to the base to tidy the plant. Once flowering is finished the whole stem is cut down hard, and the plant will reshoot with new stems from the underground rhizome. Feed with a handful of general purpose fertiliser once a year, watering well afterwards. Drought and light frost resistant once established. If heavier frosts hit it can blacken the foliage, and this can be left till all danger of frost is past and cut back to ground level to tidy it up. With warmer weather clean new shoots will grow from the underground rhizome.



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