Nuytsia floribunda – Western Australian Christmas Tree

Nuytsia floribunda is a gorgeous Western Australian plant around Christmas time, when it has eye catching displays of bright yellow to orange flowers. It is a hemiparasitic plant, meaning that it needs a host plant to grow on and get some nutrients from. It can grow as a shrub or to ten metres high. It will grow readily from seed, but is unlikely to survive for more than a year or two outside of it’s natural area.

Scientific Name:Nuytsia floribunda
Common Name:Western Australian Christmas Tree
Plant Type:Small tree, Large shrub
Height:1 ~ 10 metre
Width:2 ~ 4 metres
Flower Colour:Orange, Gold
Flowering Time:Summer
Ph Level:Acid, Neutral, Alkaline
Soil Type:Sandy, Sandy loam
Plant Environment:Drought resistant
Climate Zone:Warm temperate, Mediterranean, Semi-arid
Light:Sunny, Light shade
Growth Habit:Evergreen
Soil Moisture:Well-drained
Plant Usage:Wow factor
Attracts Wildlife:Bees, Butterflies, Other insects



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