Mad About Dirt

11th May, 2019

Soil is the miraculous carpet of life that covers much of our planet- and yet we often “treat it like dirt”!

This event is a must do for all who know how important soil is to so many areas of life, and who would like to learn more. Join Angus Stewart, Tino Carnivale, soil scientist Simon Leake and other experts as they lead talks and also answer questions.

Practical demonstrations, soil science and analysis (testing and tasting!), composting and worm farms, permaculture and regenerative agriculture, chemistry and biology, and getting hands on with it all.


  • 9.30 am to 1 pm: Narara Valley High School, Fountains Road, Narara, NSW 2250.
  • 1 to 4 pm: Narara Ecovillage, 25 Research Road, Narara, NSW 2250.

In the morning at Narara Valley High School, hear inspiring talks and join panel discussions with horticulturalists Tino Carnevale and Angus Stewart, soil scientist Simon Leake, and people passionate about permaculture, biodynamics, safe soils and regenerative agriculture, meet exhibitors over lunch and visit the school farm.

In the afternoon (1-4 p.m.)at the Narara Ecovillage (just up the road) hear talks about soil science, composting and health; join a Darkinjung smoking ceremony, go on tours of the ecovillage property, visit a permaculture garden, learn about Central Coast soils, join in kids activities, see steam weeding in action, and see houses being built with materials from the earth – strawbale and rammed earth.

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Modular garden design scholarship announced for Central Coast students.

In association with the Mad About Dirt event at Narara in May, Builtsmart Modular of Lisarow, have just announced an $8,000 scholarship for year 11 and 12 students of Narara Valley High School and Lisarow High School.  The scholarship will be awarded to the best design for a modular garden that can accompany Builtsmart’s modular homes. Students who wish to enter the competition will have a special opportunity to get expert advice from horticultural experts Angus Stewart and Tino Carnevale at the Mad About Dirt event.

Details- the students must work in pairs, and design gardens that can be made
at the Builtsmart factory in Lisarow and are able to be delivered with Builtsmart
homes. The students must understand soil, the care that is needed for modular
gardens, and what plants to grow and how to grow them. They can learn more
about this at the Mad About Dirt talks and panels.