Lagunaria patersonia – Norfolk Island Hibiscus

A medium to large tree, originally from Norfolk and Lord Howe Island. A very adaptable tree for a wide range of soils, and can grow from tropical to warm temperate areas. Copes well with salt laden winds, so very useful for coastal gardens, but needs care as the seed pods contain very irritant hairs, a trap for anyone curiously exploring them. It is not called the ‘itchy bomb tree’ for nothing! The seeds are also poisonous. It has attractive pink to mauve flowers in spring and early summer.

Scientific Name:Lagunaria patersonia
Common Name:Norfolk Islnad Hibiscus
Plant Type:Small tree, Large tree
Height:10 ~ 20 metres
Width:5 ~ 7 metres
Flower Colour:Pink, Mauve
Flowering Time:Spring, Summer
Ph Level:Acid, Neutral
Soil Type:Sandy, Loamy, Sandy loam, Clay loam, Saline, Poor soil
Plant Environment:Coastal garden
Climate Zone:Tropical, Sub-tropical, Warm temperate
Growth Habit:Evergreen
Soil Moisture:Well-drained
Propagation Method:Seed
Frost Tolerance:Tolerates light frost
Plant Usage:Windbreak



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