Kangaroo Paw Celebration- Cranbourne, November 2016

The Kangaroo Paw Celebration at the Royal Botanic Garden Cranbourne in November 2016

It was exciting to be part of a very special month long celebration of our iconic and beautiful kangaroo paw and its related genera such as cottonheads and bloodroots at the equally fabulous Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne, a division of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria that specialises in the Australian flora. It happened all through November 2016 and was a joint effort with the Friends of Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne Gardens and their associated groups, and the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. It was the perfect event to launch the new addition to the Tall and Tough range of kangaroo paws- ‘Landscape Violet’

A great range of activities was presented, with spectacular garden and container plantings, scientific talks, creative endeavours, floral art, music,  plant sales and more.

With a lifelong passion for kangaroo paws and the related plants in the family of Haemodoraceae, such as Conostylis and Haemodorum, this was a great event.

The Haemodoraceae family has lots of plants that are just made for gardening and landscaping. They have the oh-so-useful clumping and strappy leaf habits that can find so many uses- from small ones like the Cottonheads (Conostylis) for edging and ground covers to the spectacular tall flavidus type kangaroo paws that will make a huge garden statement, and lots in between with the hybrid paws. There are plants perfect for containers and plants that look amazing for big massed plantings, plants with beautiful grey foliage colours for contrast, and all the ones with that interesting textural felty flowers. This is why a whole month is perfect…..there is so much to discover and celebrate with our unique Australian Haemodoraceae family.

For the whole of November the Australian Garden was awash with Kangaroo Paw blooms, creating a stunning backdrop to the workshops, talks and festivities.

The display to choose a Peoples Favourite Paw really highlighted the diversity of forms that have been bred over the years, from small pot friendly plants that bloom for most of the year, to the statuesque tall flavidus varieties that can reach 2 metres and more when in flower.