Westringia fruticosa ‘Funky Chunky’

A compact form of Westringia growing to around a metre high and wide, it has small starry white flowers in spring and summer. Good for low hedging or to clip into neat shapes, also good unpruned in low maintenance gardens. Adaptable to most soils provided they are well drained, moderately tolerant of salt exposure, medium […]

Westringia fruticosa ‘Zena’ – Coastal Rosemary

A hardy and naturally compact plant that responds beautifully to clipping and shaping, so makes a good hedge and topiary specimen for formal native gardens. Drought and frost tolerant, and can handle salty winds, so is good for coastal plantings. Likes a well drained soil, sunny to lightly shaded spot.

Westringia dampieri – Coastal Rosemary

  A small and dense growing shrub with attractive silvery foliage, native to coastal Western Australia. It naturally grows on limestone cliffs, so it suits very alkaline soils. A very hardy and low water use plant to a metre and a half high, it is great for low maintenance landscaping. Withstands salt laden winds. It […]

Westringia glabra ‘Deep Purple’ – Coastal Rosemary

A wonderfully low maintenance small shrub, Deep Purple has glossy green foliage and bright purple flowers that appear year round. A great landscaping plant, can be left to grow naturally or given a light prune once or twice a year to shape and encourage more dense growth. Likes full sun to part shade, clay, loam […]

Westringia fruticosa ‘Double Wonder’ – Coastal Rosemary

A small and very tough shrub which is perfect for low maintenance gardens, and withstands coastal conditions, drought and frosts. Grows to around a metre high and wide. It has great grey green foliage and semi double palest pink flowers for most of the year. Good for sunny to lightly shaded positions. Naturally dense growing, […]

Westringia fruticosa ‘Blue Heaven’ – Coastal Rosemary

Westringia ‘Blue Heaven’ is a great low maintenance plant with soft blue-grey foliage that responds brilliantly to pruning. An excellent hedge or topiary plant, or can be left to grow unpruned if desired, as it is naturally dense growing. A very tough plant which does well on a wide range of soil types, and suits […]

Westringia ‘Blue Moon’

The profusion of mauve-blue flowers and fine foliage coupled with a tough disposition make Westringia Blue Moon an excellent all round garden shrub. It can be used as a screen or hedge plant as well as being a suitable feature shrub. It forms an upright conical shrub that needs little maintenance unless you desire to […]