Eucalyptus torquata – Coral Gum


Dazzling displays of flowers and intricately textured flower buds and gumnuts on a small to medium sized tree define this outstanding ornamental eucalypt. It makes a wonderful street or specimen tree that will attract birds to the garden in profusion. Very little if any maintenance is required. Best in areas with a dry summer, where it performs well as a street tree.

Scientific Name:Eucalyptus torquata
Common Name:Coral Gum
Plant Type:Small tree, Large shrub
Height:6 ~ 12 metres
Width:5 ~ 10 metres
Flower Colour:White, Cream, Red, Pink
Flowering Time:Spring, Summer
Ph Level:Acid, Neutral, Alkaline
Soil Type:Sandy, Sandy loam, Clay loam, Poor soil
Plant Environment:Low maintenance garden, Drought resistant
Climate Zone:Warm temperate, Cool temperate, Mediterranean
Growth Habit:Evergreen, Spreading
Soil Moisture:Dry, Well-drained
Propagation Method:Seed
Frost Tolerance:Tolerates light frost
Plant Usage:Feature plant, Windbreak
Special Uses:Street tree, Decorative fruit, Erosion control, Honey producing plant, Bird nesting plant, Pollution tolerant, Fast growing
Attracts Wildlife:Bees, Nectar eating birds, Butterflies, Other insects



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