Eremophila freelingii – Limestone Fuchsia

This Eremophila is suited to dry, rocky areas where it will do best, and produces beautiful white or lilac-blue tubular flowers with lilac spots in the throat. Grows to a small or medium shrub and is tolerant of drought and moderate frosts, as well as alkaline soils. Great for arid or semi-arid regions, and can be grown in temperate areas. Propagation from seed or cutting can be tricky, with seed producing mixed results, and cuttings being slow to form roots.
Tip pruning will promote a bushier form as the plant grows.
This species is traditionally used as a medicinal plant. Can be toxic to stock.

Scientific Name:Eremophila freelingii
Common Name:Limestone Fuchsia
Other Common Names:Arrethe
Plant Type:Small shrub, Large shrub
Height:1 ~ 3 metre
Width:1 ~ 3 metre
Flower Colour:White, Blue, Purple
Flowering Time:Spring, Winter
Ph Level:Acid, Neutral, Alkaline
Soil Type:Sandy, Clay, Sandy loam, Clay loam, Poor soil
Plant Environment:Low maintenance garden, Flower garden, Cold climate, Drought resistant
Climate Zone:Warm temperate, Cool temperate, Mediterranean, Semi-arid, Arid
Planting Season:Spring
Growth Habit:Evergreen, Dense foliage, Mound-shaped
Soil Moisture:Dry, Well-drained
Frost Tolerance:Tolerates light frost
Special Uses:Cut flower, Tea, Fragrant oils
Attracts Wildlife:Nectar eating birds, Butterflies



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