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Goodenia ovata ‘Goodonya’

A low maintenance and tough ground hugging to mounding perennial plant. It gets buttercup yellow flowers over an extended period in spring and summer that contrast with bright green foliage, and it has a much larger flower than other forms of this species, the hop Goodenia. It is great no nonsense plant that can spread […]

Actinotus forsythii – Pink Flannel Flower

The pink flannel flower is an uncommon perennial plant to find in the wild, and even less commonly found as a garden plant due to the rarity of commercially available seed. It naturally grows in damp eucalypt forests from the Blue Mountains to the Southern Highlands of NSW, growing well only after a fire year […]

Geleznowia verrucosa

A small shrub with small yellow flowers and lime-yellow bracts which age to orange-brown. Blooms in early spring to early summer, provides long lasting cut flowers. Needs a well drained soil, best in full sun or semi-shade. Grows well in pots. Grafted forms are best for more humid areas.

Telopea mongaensis – Braidwood Waratah

A large shrub to small tree, from cooler areas in south east NSW.  Likes soil with good drainage and abundant moisture, sensitive to phosphorus. Bears red flowers in spring. Likes semi shaded positions to sunny with some protection. It grows from an underground lignotuber, which enables the plant to regrow if affected by fire.

Cissus hypoglauca – Native Grape

A vigorous woody large vine with attractive glossy palmate leaves, new growth is red coloured. It bears umbels of yellow flowers in spring and summer, followed by blue-black berries, which though edible, can sometimes have an astringent aftertaste. Birds and possums appreciate the seeds, and they can be used to make jam. Can be grown […]

Eremophila ‘Meringur Midnight”

Eremophila ‘Meringur Midnight’ is a large shrub which grows 3-4m high by 2-3m wide and is useful as a feature large shrub. It has attractive bright green linear leaves with a pendulous habit. Flowers are large and elongated, dark purple measuring 35mm x 10mm. Unlike many Eremophila, the flower has no spots. Flowering time is […]

Dendrobium kingianum – Pink Rock Orchid

  A charming smaller orchid, easy to grow among rocks or logs. They produce pseudobulbs, which have a fattened base which acts as a food storage, enabling survival in tougher conditions. Will thrive with a bit of extra care in the warmer months, but need less water in winter. Will form clumps, which can be […]

Eremophila hybrid ‘Meringur Isaac’

Eremophila ‘Meringur Isaac’ is a dense shrub 5m x 3m which has green leaves and which can be used as a feature shrub or small tree. Its flowers are large and deep lilac with darker spots on a cream background inside the throat. E. ‘Meringur Isaac’ is a registered cultivar and is a hybrid between […]

Eremophila hybrid ‘Mallee Lipstick’

This is a fast growing tough shrub with pink tubular flowers which attract nectar feeding birds. It blooms in autumn and winter. The growth is vigorous and ground covering, height around half a metre and spreads to around 2 metres wide. Best in full sun, drought tolerant once established. ‘Mallee Lipstick’ is a hybrid between […]