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Eremophila hybrid ‘Mallee Lipstick’

This is a fast growing tough shrub with pink tubular flowers which attract nectar feeding birds. It blooms in autumn and winter. The growth is vigorous and ground covering, height around half a metre and spreads to around 2 metres wide. Best in full sun, drought tolerant once established. ‘Mallee Lipstick’ is a hybrid between […]

Eremophila hybrid ‘Pink Pantha’

An attractive shrub with spectacular flowering displays, as the deep pink flowers contrast beautifully with the silvery grey foliage. It has orange-yellow buds, and main flowering is from August through to November. Very attractive to nectar feeding birds. It responds well to pruning, which creates a more dense habit and more abundant flowering. Attractive even […]

Eremophila hybrid ‘Beryl’s Gem’

A tough and easy care medium sized shrub, with dense green foliage with a grey tinge, and beautiful contrasting bright pink flowers from mid winter through to summer, with spot flowering for the rest of the time. Bird attracting, and the mid winter flowering is especially useful when nectar is scarce. It tolerates drought and […]

Lambertia orbifolia – Round-leaf Honeysuckle

A medium to  large shrub growing from 2 to 3 metres high, but can be larger. The orange-red tubular flowers occur through the year, peak flowering is from spring to autumn, and they are attractive to nectar feeding wildlife. Likes well drained soil and a sunny to semi shaded spot. Regular pruning will encourage a […]

Apium insulare – Island Sea Celery

An upright plant, related to normal celery, and also edible with a similar strong celery taste. It is adaptable to most soil types, from sandy to clay, and from acid, neutral to alkaline soils. It can grow in part shade to sunny spots, performs best with regular watering and feeding. It has decorative umbels of […]

Dampiera trigona

A showy plant in flower, with lovely blue-purple flowers in spring to summer. Low growing to 1 metre wide, it needs well drained soil, sun to part shade. Withstands light frost, drought tolerant, a bit of extra care with watering will see better growth. Great for planting to spill over walls, in pots and hanging […]

Sollya heterophylla – Bluebell Creeper

A twining shrub which can grow to 4 metres tall with support. Grown on its own it forms a dense shrubby habit. It has clusters of pendulous blue flowers from spring through summer. There are also selections with white or pink flowers, and ground cover forms.  Grows in sun to part shade. It readily seeds and […]

Melaleuca quinquenervia – Paperbark

A medium sized to tall tree, growing from 8 to 25 metres tall and 5 to 10 metres wide, with lovely thick soft papery bark in cream to brown shades. The growth is spreading and makes a beautiful feature tree, and flowers with white bottlebrushes in late summer to autumn, attracting nectar eating wildlife. It […]

Diploglottis campbellii – Small Leaf Tamarind

A handsome rainforest tree that bears large edible if somewhat sour fruit in late summer to early autumn. In its natural range in northern NSW and southern Queensland it can grow to 30 metres, but will tend to be smaller in cultivation, but tends to be too large for the average garden where it may […]