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Commersonia fraseri – Brush Kurrajong

A fast growing large shrub to small tree, with mid green leaves and contrasting pale undersides.  It has masses of small white flowers displayed at the branch ends, and is long flowering mainly from spring through summer, especially with regular watering. Flowers are honey scented. Grows from 2 to 5 metres high in cultivation. Naturally grows in […]

Callicoma serratifolia – Black Wattle

An ornamental large shrub to small tree for temperate to subtropical areas, fast growing to around 8 metres in cultivation. It has attractive serrated shiny leaves with contrasting pale fuzzy undersides and the new growth is bronze coloured with rusty hairs. It flowers in late spring to early summer with lemon coloured fluffy flowers which resemble Acacia flowers, […]

Austromyrtus tenuifolia – Midginberry

A delightful small to medium sized shrub, with numerous small white flowers in late spring to summer, which are followed up with small edible purple spotted white berries. It grows from 1 to 2 metres high, making it useful for informal low hedging. An adaptable plant for different conditions, from sun to part shade and most soil […]

Allocasuarina littoralis – Black She-oak

A tough and fast growing medium sized tree, suitable for both coastal and inland areas. It has fine soft needles which make a lovely sighing noise in winds.  An excellent choice for roadside plantings and for parks and farms, very good for windbreaks and shelterbelts, and is nitrogen fixing. It is dioecious (male and female plants), males […]

Allocasuarina inophloia – Stringybark She-oak

A hardy small tree, growing from 3 to 10 metres high, with interesting shaggy rough bark and arching branches. The foliage is fine and makes beautiful sighing sounds in winds. It has male and female plants, the small red female flowers appear in winter. Naturally grows in inland woodlands in north NSW and Queensland. Withstands […]

Lomandra longifolia ‘Long John Silver’

A very attractive fine leaf grey foliage Lomandra,  tough and very easy care, and is a great accent plant and for massed landscaping. Tolerates moderate frost and drought, best in full sun, also in part shade. Grows to 80 cms tall and  50 cms wide. Has cream flowers amongst the foliage in summer.

Thyrptomene calycina – Heath Myrtle

A very attractive and easy care shrub, with a long flowering periods in autumn when the pale pink buds form, winter when it looks like it is snow covered with its many small blooms along the branches, through to spring. The flowering stems make good cut flowers. Grows to around 2 metres high and wide, […]

Crowea saligna ‘Large Flower’

An attractive small shrub growing to around a metre high and wide, with beautiful bright pink flowers mainly in late autumn to winter, spot flowering in spring too. Likes well drained and moist soils, but will tolerate dry spells once established. Does best in part shade, but can do well in sun if it gets a bit more watering in dry […]

Grevillea rhyolitica ‘Deua Flame’

A very adaptable and useful Grevillea that flowers year round with pendulous spidery red flowers that are bird attracting. It has a dense habit, and a little bit of pruning occasionally will help it to be even more compact. Prefers a sunny spot but will tolerate shade. Frost hardy and can take coastal conditions. Needs minimal feeding as it […]

Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’

A small plant growing to around 1-1.5 metres high and wide,  with eye catching large flowers in shades of pink, orange and yellow for most of the year. Bird attracting and great cut flowers. Fast growing and easy care, just a light trim after flowering and a handful of low phosphorus fertiliser in spring and […]