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Dracophyllum secundum

A small shrub from moist but well drained spots in part shade in NSW, on the coast and inland around the Blue Mountains. It particularly likes hugging sandstone rocks where there is a constant trickle of moisture. An uncommon plant in gardens due to the difficulty in propagating plants and the specific needs. It blooms in […]

Homoranthus thomasii

A medium sized shrub growing to around 2 metres tall, it has aromatic grey green leaves and pretty clusters of pendulous pink flowers in autumn to the end of winter. It needs part shade and well drained soil, performs well in containers. It naturally grows on sandstone in inland Queensland. It used to be known […]

Eucalyptus lehmannii – Bushy Yate

A lovely ornamental small tree growing to around 7 metres, with an attractive rounded and spreading habit and dense foliage which often hangs to the ground. The buds and yellow-green flowers in winter to spring are also a feature, and the resultant pointy gumnuts add interest. It can grow as a multi trunked mallee form, with smooth grey to pink, reddish and brown bark which sheds […]

Eucalyptus campaspe – Silver Gimlet

An attractive small to medium sized tree, noted for the beautiful smooth bark with silver and copper tonings, and silver-white flower buds and gum nuts. It flowers over summer, with cream to white flowers. It is a hardy tree, tolerant of both drought and frost, naturally occurring in Western Australia on stony ground. Salt tolerant. Likes good […]

Hibbertia pedunculata – Guinea Flower

A hardy and adaptable low to prostrate small shrub, with golden flowers mainly in spring and summer, spot flowers possible for the rest of the year. It has fine leaves and a naturally compact habit, light pruning after flowering will encourage a more dense habit. It likes sun to part shade, prefers well drained soil. […]

Hakea petiolaris – Sea Urchin Hakea

A large shrub to small tree reaching 2-9 metres in height. Flowers are from late autumn through to early winter and occur in globular clusters, resembling sea urchins. The flowers start creamy coloured, as they age, the perianth darkens and the styles remain cream, creating a lovely contrast. These are followed by large woody pods.  Likes a well drained acid soil, sunny position. Resents […]

Guichenotia ledifolia

A small attractive shrub around a metre high and wide, a good waterwise plant as it naturally occurs in low rainfall areas of Western Australia. It has nodding pink to mauve flowers from mid winter through most of spring, and narrow leaves covered in fine blue grey downy hair. The calyx is the showy part of the flower, […]

Kennedia coccinea – Coral Vine

A vigorous twining vine that can be used as a climber or groundcover, with brightly coloured flowers in spring, in colours of pink, orange, and yellow-green. Prefers a well drained soil, sun to light shade. Can take light frost, heavier frost will damage the foliage, but the plant will put out fresh growth in spring. Can be […]

Citrus garrawayi – Mount White Lime

A large shrub to small tree from tropical rainforest, where it grows as an understory shrub. It can grow to 15 metres in its natural range in Cape York in far north Queensland, where it is rare, but is usually smaller growing under cultivation. It has edible fruit, bearing in spring and summer. The elongated fruit is green-yellow, and […]

Eustrephus latifolius – Wombat Berry

An adaptable fast growing twining vine that can also grow in a clump if not supported, or used as a ground cover. It has fringed white to pink small flowers in spring followed by orange berries through winter. Birds like the berries, and the tuberous roots are eaten by creatures such as wombats, hence the common […]