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Newsletter #57 – March 2020 – Let’s Garden!

The last few newsletters have been all about the fires and smoke and drought. We were sure this one would be a bit more sedate, all about the joys of gardening and getting out in nature in gentle autumn weather as a way to heal from a torrid summer. Little did we know the whole […]

Newsletter #56 – February 2020 – Insect Friends and Foes

Last minute reminder for Tasmanian people and visitors…… Koonya Garlic Festival is on Saturday, 29 February 2020. Lots of fun for everyone. Except vampires, they’re not going to like it much. For more information, visit the festival website at Workshop at Macquarie Point – insects On Saturday the 7th of March 2020 Angus will […]

Newsletter #51 – September 2019 – Spring plantings

I had a fantastic time speaking at Bess Flowers in Paddington a few weeks ago, surrounded by stunning native flowers and great company! I spoke about growing natives in urban settings, as Bess had a lot of customers who had asked about growing Australian plants in their gardens. To finish up, we did a demonstration […]

Newsletter #50 – Deep (Long Stem) Planting – August 2019

Deep (Long Stem) Planting In Action This month, I want to show you what I think are some inspiring ways to mitigate climate change, whilst also growing beautiful native plants. With the planet in a more critical state than ever, planting trees and shrubs is a fantastically simple way to stabilise soils, store carbon, provide […]