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Newsletter #45 – February 2019- Creating habitat gardens

In light of recent articles about the rapid decline of insect numbers, I’d like to take the opportunity in this month’s newsletter to look at practical ways we can personally help. There are many things we can do on an individual level, whether you live in a terrace or apartment with no back garden, a […]

Newsletter #43 – July 2018 – Frost, On The Road- Again

Winter Frost Going from the warmth of the top end of Australia on my last tour, and now being back in crisp and cool Tasmania, I was sent this question which seemed appropriate as I went from t-shirts to jumpers and jackets:  Q- I have a small kangaroo paw which has been flowering for months. Had a frost two […]

Newsletter #41 – March-April 2018 – My New Project

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2018 It is always fun to visit Australia’s most impressive gardening event and this year my attention was captured by the fabulous ‘Avenue of Achievable Gardens’. These are small display gardens designed by up and coming garden design students and there were three gardens designed by students at Melbourne […]

Newsletter #40 – January-February 2018

My Grandmother, and how I came to love native plants It is with great pride that I am introducing something very special to me to Gardening with Angus. My original inspiration in Australian plants was my maternal grandmother, a wildflower artist who had the unlikely name of Daisy Wood. She lived and worked most of […]