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Australian Native Plant Job List for October

•Climbers such as the wonga wonga vine (Pandorea pandorana) and happy wanderer (Hardenbergia violacea) have finished flowering and will benefit from a vigorous trim to keep them in shape but avoid cutting into older wood. A handful of general purpose fertiliser will be the only feeding required for such plants. •Many native daisies such as […]

Australian Native Plant Job List For September

•This is a great time to establish specimens of the pea family such as happy wanderer (Hardenbergia violacea) or the spectacular flame pea (Chorizema cordatum). They can be either planted from seed or from pot specimens. •Bottlebrush specimens (Callistemon species) that have got out of hand or are looking ragged can be pruned back as […]

Australian Native Plant Job List For August

•Time to begin fertilising native plants in frost free districts. While many natives are now being shown to be less sensitive to phosphorus than has been thought in the past it is still worthwhile using low phosphorus fertilisers designed for Australian plants as this will still give a good result whether the species in question […]

Native Australian Plant Job List For July

•If you are experiencing frost damage to tender specimens such as native rainforest species it is best to leave the damaged shoots in place until spring as cutting them back now may lead to further burning of tender new shoots •Seedlings of colourful annuals such as paper daisies can be started now in a punnet […]

Native Australian plant job list for June

•Go to a nursery and select one of the interesting compact Correa varieties such as ‘Canberra Bells’ and put it in a pot near an outdoor living area where you will be able to enjoy the nectar feeding birds it attracts. •Be on the alert for myrtle rust, which shows up as bright yellow powdery […]

Native Australian plant to do list for May

•Native rock orchids such as Dendrobium speciosum can be fed with a liberal helping of well rotted animal manure around the base of the plant followed by a thorough soaking to wash it in. •Autumn flowering shrubs such as the various Crowea species and cultivars are finishing their flowering period and will benefit from a […]

Native Australian plant to do list for April

• Many species of everlasting daisy can be planted now for spring flower displays. Seedlings can be raised in punnets or simply scatter seed into a cultivated bed of soil and rake over to create a more random ‘€˜wildflower meadow’ effect. • Clumping plants such as mat-rushes (Lomandra species), flax lilies (Dianella species) and kangaroo […]

Native Australian plant job list for March

• Curl grubs can play havoc by eating the roots of a wide range of species. Check for them by scratching around the roots of any sick plants. Treat with beneficial nematodes or a registered insecticide • Watch for the larvae of white cedar moth, which will defoliate trees around this time of year. Place […]