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Rainwater tanks

Rainwater Tanks Have you ever observed how a fall of rain will green up the garden and spark new growth in your favourite plants? Rain water is a great garden tonic, and is especially good during a thunder storm, as it can change nitrogen gas to nitrogen compounds- feed plus water for your plants! Rainwater […]

The art of watering plants

How do I water plants? A very good indicator of when plants need to be watered lies in the appearance of the plant. Subtle changes in the colour and attitude of the foliage are indicators of water stress. As soon as the foliage goes slightly limp the plant is beginning to shut down to save […]

Waterwise Gardening for Beginners

How do I use less water in the garden? Severe drought is a dramatic reminder of the vulnerability of gardens that require lots of water to look their best. Garden technology has developed rapidly in recent times such that modern irrigation equipment makes it very easy to deliver large quantities of water at any time […]

Waterwise Gardening Tips For Holidays

Waterwise Gardening Tips For The Holidays How do I keep my plants watered when I am away? If you know you are going to be away from your plants over holiday times, it is an excellent idea to gradually reduce the amount of water that garden plants are receiving. Most plants are able to adapt […]