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Angus’s Top 10 Native Plants

A renewed interest in the new millennium in Australian plants has inevitably led to great advances in the genetic improvement of our flora. Sometimes improvements are deliberate through plant breeding techniques such as hybridization while in other cases gardeners and nursery people have simply noticed outstanding genetic variations in wild or cultivated plants that have […]

Top Ten Large Australian Trees

1 Angophora costata (Sydney Red Gum) Because each tree has its own amazing gnarled character. 2 Corymbia ficifolia (Flowering Gum) Because of their unsurpassed stunning displays of iridescent flowers. 3 Corymbia citriodora (Lemon-scented Gum) Because of the sensuous bark and amazing lemon aroma after a shower of rain. 4 Grevillea robusta (Silky Oak) Because of […]

Angus’s Top Ten Small Australian Trees

1 Corymbia ‘Summer Red’€™ Because of the iridescent flowers and adaptability to humid climates. 2 Angophora hispida (Dwarf Apple Gum) Because of the stunning displays of creamy flowers and rusty-coloured new growth. 3 Eucalyptus leucoxylon (Large-fruited Yellow Gum) Because of the subtle displays of red flowers and graceful habit. 4 Ceratopetalum gummiferum (NSW Christmas Bush) […]

Angus’s Top Ten Australian Shrubs

1 Grevillea ‘Peaches and Cream’ Because of its unique bicoloured flowers that are produced in profusion all year round. 2 Callistemon ‘€˜Endeavour’ Because of its stunning red mass flower displays and adaptability to poorly drained soils. 3 Buckinghamia celsissima (Ivory Curl) Because of the wonderful autumn crescendo of ivory coloured blooms 4 Alyogyne huegelii ‘€˜West […]

Angus’s Top Ten Australian Climbers

1 Pandorea jasminoides Because it flowers right through the warmer months with gorgeous large bell shaped flowers in white, pink and dark pink tonings 2 Pandorea pandorana ‘€˜Snowbells’ Because of the amazing flower display in spring and its overall adaptability. 3 Kennedia nigricans (Black Coral Pea) Because of its unusual and striking black and green flowers. 4 Tecomanthe hillii […]

Angus’s Top Ten Australian Groundcovers

1 Grevillea ‘€˜Poorinda Royal Mantle’€™ Because it has proven itself for decades for its adaptability and reliability. 2 Scaevola albida ‘€™Mauve Carpet’ Because of its masses of purple flowers all-year and adaptability. 3 Westringia fruticosa ‘€˜Flat’€˜n’Fruity’ Because of its interesting foliage texture, its tough nature and great reliability. 4 Goodenia ovata ‘€˜Gold Cover’ Because of […]

Angus’s Top Ten Australian Bush Tucker Plants

1 Backhousia citriodora (Lemon Myrtle) Because of its wonderful lemon-like oils and beautiful white flowers. 2 Austromyrtus dulcis (Midgen Berry or Midyim) Because of its delicious purple and white berries and neat growing habit 3 Macadamia integrifolia (Macadamia Nut) Because it is the most delicious nut in the world! 4 Davidsonia pruriens and Davidsonia jerseyana […]

Angus’s Top Ten Australian Plants For Hedges

1 Acmena The genus Acmena is one of several that is commonly referred to as lilly pillies, a group of plants that has become very widely used for hedging, both in Australia and overseas. Various botanic names have been used for the different lilly pillies, namely Eugenia, Acmena and Syzygium  and unfortunately the professional botanists who name these […]

Angus’s Top Ten Australian Plants For Privacy

1 Acacia cognata ‘€˜Lime Magik’€™ Because of its subtle golden weeping foliage. 2 Syzygium ‘€˜Cascade’€™ Because of its bright new growth and its purple-pink flowers. 3 Grevillea ‘Moonlight’€™ Because of its profuse flowering all year long and lovely silvery foliage. 4 Melaleuca bracteata ‘€˜Revolution Gold’ Because of its bright golden foliage and overall adaptability. 5 […]

Angus’s Top Ten Australian Plants For Clay Soils

1 Melaleuca linariifolia ‘Claret Tops’ Because of its fine grey foliage with bright new growth and very compact habit. 2 Callistemon ‘€˜Kings Park Special’ Because of its profuse red flowers, dense growth habit. 3 Lomandra longifolia varieties Because of the elegant foliage and perfumed flowers. 4 Melaleuca hypericifolia  ‘Ulladulla Beacon’ Because of its elegant pendulous branches […]