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What are the best types of earth worms for my worm farm?

Tiger and red worms – composting champions! One of the critical parts of worm farming is to get the right species for the job. There are a couple of commonly used species, namely the tiger and red worms that are so efficient they have become known by gardeners as compost worms. Tiger and red worms […]

What Do Earthworms Really Love To Eat?

There are times when you want to rapidly build your population of earthworms. Consequently, there are some foods that are truly spectacular for helping our subterranean friends breed to their heart’s content. In my experience soft fruits that have begun to decay are absolutely irresistible and it is a truly exciting experience to lift the […]

How To Keep Your Worm Farm Cool In Summer

Keeping your worm farm at the optimum temperature Summer is a time for composters to get busy as microbial activity is at its peak then. After twenty years of running a worm farm at home I can honestly say it is one of the easiest ways to compost your kitchen scraps at any time of […]

What Are The White Maggots In Your Worm Farm?

A not uncommon experience with home worm farms is lifting the lid to discover a writhing mass of maggots, usually white in colour with a segmented body. Whilst your initial reaction may be one of horror and disgust it is nowhere near as bad as it looks!! Most likely they are the larvae of the […]

Vinegar Flies and Compost Buckets

What are those little flies around the compost bucket? Do you sometimes reach a point with your kitchen compost bucket where you experience a mass of little flies taking off when you disturb the bucket? Chances are you have acquainted yourself with vinegar flies (Drosophila melanogaster). These very small flies with bright red eyes and […]