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Harvesting Worm Castings

If you have a worm farm, you will have noticed the dark brown/black, rich humus material within it that gradually builds up. This organic matter is the worm poo/worm castings. It is what the worms turn your kitchen scraps into once they have processed it through their digestive systems, and what a magnificent substance it […]

Managing Multi Level Worm Farms

There are many different ways to compost and worm farm. Anyone who is keeping biodegradable material out of landfill and allowing it to return to the Earth as nature intended is reducing their own carbon footprint. I say to you, well done! Composting and worm farming can be a journey of learning and it is […]

How To Make Worm Tea

It requires surprisingly little effort to make your own organic fertilisers from various waste materials we generate every day around the house. Not only does this help the environment, it also saves money in fertiliser and potting mix costs. It can also be done effectively in very small spaces, so even if you live in […]

Worm farming for beginners

Worm farms are a terrific option for recycling all kinds of organic materials in your garden. They are particularly useful for gardeners that have small amounts of organic materials such as kitchen scraps on a daily basis. A worm farm can easily keep pace with the organic waste from an average sized family once it […]

How to make an in ground worm farm

In ground worm farms – a composting method for the time poor gardener How do you find the time to maintain a compost heap when you don’t even have the time to do the fun stuff in your garden? This is an increasing situation I am seeing with gardeners in urban areas. There is also […]

Getting started with worm farms

If you feel a twinge of guilt every time you throw those organic materials such as vegetable peelings into the bin then it is time to consider starting a worm farm. Anything organic can be put into a worm farm, however, it is important not to drown the worms with too much ‘€˜wet’€™ kitchen waste, […]

Using earthworms in the garden

There has been an explosion of interest in using earthworms to compost domestic organic waste such as kitchen scraps. The question is often asked as to whether composting worms such as tiger and red worms can be added to the garden. There are usually some species of earthworms in a normal garden soil but they […]

What are the best types of earth worms for my worm farm?

Tiger and red worms – composting champions! One of the critical parts of worm farming is to get the right species for the job. There are a couple of commonly used species, namely the tiger and red worms that are so efficient they have become known by gardeners as compost worms. Tiger and red worms […]

What Do Earthworms Really Love To Eat?

There are times when you want to rapidly build your population of earthworms. Consequently, there are some foods that are truly spectacular for helping our subterranean friends breed to their heart’s content. In my experience soft fruits that have begun to decay are absolutely irresistible and it is a truly exciting experience to lift the […]