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How can I use compost to reduce soil borne root diseases

Controlling soil-borne diseases with compost Organic gardeners have long observed that the use of compost makes for healthy plants. A substantial body of scientific evidence is now emerging to support the intuitive feelings of the devotees of compost. There are several reasons why compost works so well, such as the nutrients it releases and the […]

Dealing With Saline Soils

What can I do if my garden has saline soil? The problem of salinity in agricultural areas of Australia, where millions of hectares are in various stages of degradation, has become a huge environmental issue. At its worst a highly saline soil becomes toxic to biological activity and can turn into a wasteland where nothing […]

Cold composting

Cold Composting In every garden and neighbourhood there is an abundance of organic matter around such as deciduous leaves, strips of bark, prunings and accumulated lawn clippings. There are a few ways of recycling this valuable resource for your garden. One of the easiest ideas is to make a cold compost pile where all this […]

Composting tips

Composting made simple Bury your scraps– If it is impossible to have a compost bin or heap a simple alternative is to dig a shallow hole and bury your organic waste. The earthworms will multiply in the soil and digest the added material as well as cultivate it for you. You will probably get vegetables […]

How to fertilise your garden

The beginning of spring is the perfect time to feed most of the plants in your garden. The first step is to ask a question about which plants need feeding and whether it is necessary. The concept of climate change and decreasing resources has led many to question the sustainability of the traditional garden. Perhaps […]