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How can I use compost to reduce soil borne root diseases

Controlling soil-borne diseases with compost Organic gardeners have long observed that the use of compost makes for healthy plants. A substantial body of scientific evidence is now emerging to support the intuitive feelings of the devotees of compost. There are several reasons why compost works so well, such as the nutrients it releases and the […]

The easiest composting method of all

Composting is simply the process Mother Nature uses to dispose of her organic waste materials (in other words anything that was once living). In its commonest form it is the carpet of leaves, sticks and other material on the forest floor that is gradually recycled into the soil. Composting is carried out by various scavengers […]

Dealing With Saline Soils

What can I do if my garden has saline soil? The problem of salinity in agricultural areas of Australia, where millions of hectares are in various stages of degradation, has become a huge environmental issue. At its worst a highly saline soil becomes toxic to biological activity and can turn into a wasteland where nothing […]