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Plant propagation by leaf cuttings – video

This video takes you step by step through how to propagate plants from leaf cuttings (where you have a plant species that is suitable for the technique). Not every plant is capable of reproducing from leaf cuttings so Angus focuses on a couple of good examples of plants that will work well, namely African violets […]

Trench Layering of Callistemon -video

How to do trench layering on a bottlebrush plant step by step. This is an incredibly simple method of plant propagation that requires very little equipment. The basis is that you dig a trench next to a young plant and bend over a rapidly growing shoot and bury it in the trench. New shoots arise […]

Long Stem Cutting of Rosemary -video

This is a video about a specialised type of stem cutting that I refer to as a long stem cutting because it is made much longer than a normal stem cutting. The technique is great for planting cuttings straight out into the garden which eliminates a lot of the fuss of doing cuttings into a […]

Seed Propagation -video

This is a video on the practical aspects of propagating plants from seed. It will show you step by step how to sow and look after seed from a variety of plant species and differing seed sizes s well as the after care of the seedlings once they germinate. It is designed for those who want […]

Root cuttings -video

This video is designed to teach you the step by step processes used to propagate plants from root cuttings. The plant demonstrated is the Australian bluebell (Wahlenbergia stricta), but the method is similar to that used to propagate other plants that are amenable to propagation by root cuttings.

Plant propagation by layering

This video teaches the viewer how to propagate plants by layering. This technique is like propagation from stem cuttings but the cutting is left on the plant to take root before it is detached and planted into a pot or back into soil. This technique is particularly suitable for home gardeners.

Plant propagation by stem cuttings

This is a video that shows you step by step how to propagate plants by stem cuttings. A very wide range of plants can be propagated this way, from woody pants to soft stemmed plants such as herbs. Angus Stewart takes you through the basics of the best part of the stem to use, through […]