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Propagating plants by cuttings

How do I propagate plants by cuttings? Propagation by cuttings relies on the production of a new root system from the cambium (water and nutrient conducting) tissue just below the epidermis or outer tissue (bark in woody plants) of the stem. Some plants (such as figs, Ficus species, form aerial roots and such species will […]

Dividing Dahlias

How do you divide Dahlias? If you have a dahlia plant in the garden that is looking a bit overgrown and untidy then you can rejuvenate it by the simple process of division. Dahlias grow from tuberous roots that are very like sweet potatoes. Each torpedo-like swollen root has a number of buds at its […]

Dividing perennial plants

Many perennials that are clump forming such as agapanthus, daylilies, irises and kangaroo paws can be successfully divided in late winter, just before the new spring growth. Lift the clumps from the ground with a garden fork or spade and shake off most of the soil. Cut away dead flowers and leaves and pull the […]

Propagating Australian Plants by Cuttings

Seeing new roots forming on a cutting you have done is always a magical feeling, particularly if it is a plant that is difficult to propagate. Many species can be propagated in your backyard or balcony with a minimal level of facilities. By understanding a little bit about the science of root formation you can […]

Propagating Australian plants from Seed

Australian plants have evolved a variety of strategies for reproduction from seed. How they do this and why is important information because it can be used to advantage when propagating natives from seed. The evolution of seed was a major step in enabling plants to colonise land beyond wetland habitats. Advantages of seed include the […]

Seed Savers Network

Heritage fruit and vegetables are garden treasures that have been propagated and passed down from one gardener to another. They are varieties that have been grown on a small scale for decades or even centuries. The Seed Savers Network is a community-based organisation that encourages members to preserve unusual varieties by swapping seed. Many of […]