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How do I grow dill? This annual herb has been used since biblical times, no doubt because it is so easy to grow and has a number of uses, both medicinal and culinary. It is most commonly used to add aromatic qualities when cooking fish by adding the chopped leaves. It has liquorice and parsley […]

Garlic (Allium sativum)

How do I grow garlic? Easy to grow with the right conditions, garlic is a delight for the kitchen as well as providing a source of fresh cloves that can also be used for medicinal purposes as a preventative treatment for colds and influenza. Each clove of garlic in a clump is actually a miniature […]

Growing Herbs

How do I get started with growing herbs? Herbs have been grown and used for a multitude of purposes since history began, including in culinary roles, as cosmetics, perfumes, preservatives, insect repellants, and of course for all kinds of medicinal applications. In these days of fast food saturated with sugar, fat and salt, growing your […]

Herb pots

How do I start a herb pot? A fantastic way to provide fresh herbs for the kitchen is by growing them in pots. Perfect for this purpose are special herb pots that are tall enough to accommodate holes along the side of the pot, allowing a number of types of herbs to be grown in […]

Lemon Grass

How do I grow Lemon Grass? Lemon grass has long been a part of Asian cooking and the rise in popularity of this cuisine in Australia makes it a useful idea to grow your own. It is a tall grassy-leafed plant that does actually belong to the grass family. It not only looks good but […]


How do I grow Oregano? This easy to grow perennial herb is also known as marjoram and has a long history of culinary and medical use. The three species of oregano commonly grown in cultivation are oregano or wild marjoram (Origanum vulgare), sweet marjoram (Origanum majorana) and pot marjoram (Origanum omites). Within these species there […]


How do I grow Parsley? This is one of the easiest of all herbs to propagate and grow. A punnet of seedlings or seed itself can be grown in the final position in the garden or in a container. Seed may take a few weeks to emerge so be patient. Parsley is best grown as […]

Rocket (Eruca sativa)

How do I grow Rocket (Eruca sativa)? This fast growing herb goes by a variety of names such as true rocket, roquette, arugula, tira or white pepper. Its spicy flavour is reminiscent of horseradish and derives from the fact that it is a member of the mustard family. It is easily raised from seed that […]


How do I grow Rosemary? Now is a fantastic time to establish this versatile Mediterranean plant which doubles as a culinary delight as well as being very decorative especially when in flower. Perhaps the most common form is upright with blue flowers with the variety ‘€˜Blue Lagoon’€™ being a good choice. However, less common forms […]


How do I grow Sage? Salvia officinalis is a drought tolerant small shrub that has been used in as a culinary herb in its native Mediterranean region for hundreds of years. It has a rather strong flavour that is used to add spice to various meat dishes and also for stuffing. Sage should be planted in […]