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Cherry Tomatoes

How do I grow cherry tomatoes? Spring is a great time to think about planting tomatoes. Many of us have memories of abundant tomato bushes sprawling around wooden stakes in our grandparent’s garden. The wonderful smell as the leaves of a tomato plant are brushed against evokes such images, as well as the amazing taste and […]

Growing passionfruit

How do I grow passionfruit? If you have a bare fence or trellis, why not grow a plant that not only provides delicious fruit but also has one of the most interesting and beautiful flowers in the plant world. Passion fruit require a sunny, frost-free position with a well drained soil and something to wrap […]

Citrus leaf miner

What is causing lines on my Citrus leaves? Citrus leaf miner is an insect pest whose larvae burrow under the leaf surface and cause new growth to distort and have characteristic ‘€˜squiggles’€™ all over the leaf surface. A very low toxicity control method involves spraying weekly at the beginning of spring or when there are […]

Bay trees (Laurus nobilis)

How do I grow a bay tree? The bay tree (Laurus nobilis) is also known as sweet bay and has a long history in cultivation stretching back to ancient Greece and Rome where it was known as the laurel tree and provided decorative headpieces for the celebrities of the day. The aromatic oils in the […]


How do I grow chives? This tough perennial is related to garlic and onions and the bright green colour of the foliage makes it an attractive as well as tangy and attractive garnish for soups and salads. Like its close relatives the plant grows from a bulb, with hollow grass-like leaves that can be cut […]


How do I grow Coriander? Coriander is an annual herb that must be raised from seed. Throughout spring is the best time to either buy seedlings or plant seeds in their final position, either in a pot or herb bed in the garden. Coriander grows very quickly and it is important to harvest leaves for […]