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Wicking Beds For Water Efficient Gardens

Wicking beds are a great idea for a dry continent like Australia, as they make efficient use of an increasingly scarce resource, our precious water. With droughts becoming increasingly frequent, wicking bed systems are becoming popular. They also help time poor gardeners, as they cut the time spent in watering. They are usually made as […]

WaterUps Wicking Bed System

Why I have partnered with WaterUps® Using WaterUps wicking bed systems can help people have success growing their own edibles and ornamental plants at home. Vegie gardeners can reduce their food miles, turning them to footsteps, which helps the environment on many different levels. Supermarket fruit and vegetables usually have a lot of single use […]


Modern potting mixes often feature large amounts of organic materials such as composted pine bark. Such mixes can gradually break down and also run out of nutrients, particularly if they are required to last beyond 12 months. If you have a pot plant that is looking a bit off colour or not growing well then […]

Growing Bulbs in Pots

Bulbs for indoor decor A fantastic way to brighten up your living areas is through potted bulbs that can be brought into the house when they are in flower. Now is the perfect time to plant a range of spring flowering bulbs that will provide a wonderful feature for your coffee table or outdoor balcony […]

Growing Cyclamen in pots

Growing Cyclamen indoors Cyclamen is one of the best winter flowering pot plants suitable for indoor decoration. By purchasing a nice healthy plant in late autumn or early winter you can have blooms for months during the cooler time of year when not much is happening in the botanical world. Look for a plant that has […]

Growing Perennials in Pots

Potted plants provide opportunities to grow some easy care perennials which will provide long term colour. There are some fabulous choices in smaller perennial plants which are made for long term container growing: Kangaroo paws– the smaller varieties of kangaroo paws love container growing, as they will get the drainage they need. Cut back hard […]

Best Australian native plants for pots and containers

The trend towards smaller gardens, town houses and apartments has inspired the plant lovers€™ in the nursery industry to respond with an ever-increasing range of Australian plants that will delight those who want to attract birds and butterflies and bring a little bit of the bush to their balconies and courtyards. From anigozanthos to xerochrysum there are plants […]