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Worm Farming: Frequently Asked Questions

Q – I have had my farm for a few years….do I need to add some new worms or can I just keep going with the ones I have ? A – If the worm farm is working well and processing everything you put in, then it is fine to keep on with the ones […]

Using Liquid From The Worm Farm

Like many things in life there is often more than one way to do something and feeding your plants with liquid from the worm farm is one example of these. Worm castings are packed with nutrients and beneficial microorganisms that are known to improve soil health and plant growth. When water is run through a […]

Worm Farm Blankets

You may have read or heard about the use of worm blankets, and conjured up pictures of tucking your worms in at night with tiny little blankets. Fear not, the actual use of them is much more simple, but will help boost the productivity of your worm farm. A worm blanket sits on top of […]

Why Are Worms Escaping From My Worm Farm?

Has anyone ever noticed worms grouping up near the lid of their worm farm? There are two different things happening when worms group around the lid…..the first is when they are just hanging around but not trying to escape. The second situation is one of mass evacuation, which results from their environment becoming extreme and […]

Wicking Beds For Water Efficient Gardens

Wicking beds are a great idea for a dry continent like Australia, as they make efficient use of an increasingly scarce resource, our precious water. With droughts becoming increasingly frequent, wicking bed systems are becoming popular. They also help time poor gardeners, as they cut the time spent in watering. They are usually made as […]

Winter Worm Farm Tips

Composting worms tend to do best in temperatures around 15 – 24 degrees celsius ( 59 F – 75.2 F). So, how do we keep a worm farm population happy and healthy when the weather outside varies a lot from season to season? This article will look at some ways to help your worms through […]

Myth Busting Worm Food – Citrus

Should citrus be added to the worm farm, or is it too acidic for the worms and the worm farm environment in general? I can tell you first hand that I have always added citrus to my worm farms in small quantities, with no adverse results. Citrus is in season at the moment, so there’s […]

Myth Busting Worm Food – Onion

If you search, “adding onion to worm farms” on the internet, you may find a variety of sites recommending only small amounts be added, or that it shouldn’t be added at all. I can tell you that over my many years of worm farming, I have added it in along with the other kitchen scraps […]