Menu Index: Edible Australian Plants

Native Tamarind Chutney

A lovely fruity chutney, given a very special flavor from Australia’s own native tamarind. I used Diploglottis campbellii for this, their beautiful deep red colour added a beautiful glow to the finished product. 2 red onions, finely chopped 1 tablespoon of olive oil Half teaspoon of turmeric Teaspoon of fresh ginger (finely grated) 3 cloves […]

Australian Native Citrus

People are discovering Australia’s own citrus, long neglected due to the small fruit and prickly nature. But once people started getting creative with the little pearls of citrus goodness inside the fruit, suddenly everyone wanted them! Delicious in seafood salads and gin & tonic, as a beautiful and tasty garnish, for sauces and marmalade, and […]

Bush Foods for Beginners

Getting started with bush foods Traditional Australian histories have painted Aboriginal people as hunter-gatherers who did not develop agricultural systems or have permanent settlements. However, recent publications such as Dark Emu  by Bruce Pascoe have presented Australian history from an Aboriginal perspective that tells a very different story. Pascoe presents evidence of advanced systems of farming […]


Austromyrtus, the midgen berry, is perhaps the sweetest of the Australian bush fruits and is well worth growing for that reason alone. For the gardener it also has a host of desirable traits. Beautiful bronze new growth, a low growing and mounding habit, the ability to be pruned into whatever shape is desired, lovely sprays […]

Tetragonia- Warrigal Greens

Tetragonia- a useful and hardy Australian native food plant Tetragonia tetragonioides has the common name of Warrigal greens or New Zealand spinach, and is one of the better known Australian native edible plants. It is common at seaside locations  as well as inland, and will thrive naturally without any care. It is the foliage that […]

Bush Tucker Plants For Small Gardens

Traditionally Australian gardens were on quarter acre blocks or larger, but with more people in cities, garden spaces are getting smaller. But this should not deter keen Aussie gardeners who are interested in growing their own native food, as there is a wealth of smaller plants which will add the taste of the bush to […]

Lemon Myrtle Shortbread

I took the shortbread recipe from 1977 edition of The Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbook, and added a generous pinch of dried and powdered lemon myrtle to the dough. I mixed it in thoroughly, and baked according to the recipe. Very nice with a good cup of tea. Shortbread with Lemon Myrtle 2 cups of plain […]

Aniseed Myrtle Chocolate Truffles

Ingredients- 225grams of good quality dark chocolate, broken into pieces 175 mls of double cream 1 teaspoon of ground aniseed myrtle Icing sugar to dust Cocoa powder or chocolate sprinkles Place chocolate pieces into a bowl. Pour the cream into a saucepan and bring to the boil, then pour over the chocolate in the bowl. […]