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New Australian Plants

Plant breeders and nurseries put a lot of work into selecting new plants to release, and they base these selections on many different factors. New flower colours, extended flowering times, more compact growth habit, hardiness and disease resistance are a few of the desirable traits that clever plant people aim for when releasing new plants […]

Growing Kangaroo Paws

This article includes excerpts from Angus’s book Creating an Australian Garden This remarkable group of Australian plants embody many of the qualities that make our native plants so distinctive. Their vibrant, almost iridescent flower colours are combined with a beautifully furry texture created by the hairs that cover the stems and flowers—and provide the latter’s […]

Landcare and Bushcare’s Major Day Out

There are lots of really great Australian organisations, and Landcare and Bushcare are two that love the Australian environment. A National movement that began in the 1980’s, it is devoted to caring for mainly public areas of bushland, wetlands and land surrounding waterways, with the involvement of volunteers. It is a great partnering of people […]