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Australian Native Hibiscus

Can I grow Australian Native Hibiscus in my garden? Australia is home to about 40 species of Hibiscus, most of which are endemic. They have identical growing requirements to the exotic species and cultivars that are so popular in cultivation. An ever increasing interest in native hibiscus has led to the horticultural development of a […]

Growing Gymea Lilies

Everything about the Gymea Lily (Doryanthes excelsa) is rather larger than life. The bold foliage can reach over four metres in height and I have personally measured majestic flower stems that were over ten metres tall. Plants live on for many years and grow into massive clumps of shoots many metres in diameter if they have the […]

Best Australian native plants for pots and containers

The trend towards smaller gardens, town houses and apartments has inspired the plant lovers€™ in the nursery industry to respond with an ever-increasing range of Australian plants that will delight those who want to attract birds and butterflies and bring a little bit of the bush to their balconies and courtyards. From anigozanthos to xerochrysum there are plants […]

Australian Native Climbers and Creepers

Climbers and creepers are plants that are able to expand at will to fill the space available to them and as such are incredibly useful in the garden. They are great to beautify fences and pergolas, and can be trained to twine through various shaped structures. Their ability to take the shape of the support […]

Australian Native Orchids

Orchids are one of the wonders of the plant world with a staggering diversity of plant and flower types that provide endless fascination and sometimes obsession for gardeners. World-wide there are approximately 30,000 species in 600 odd genera that comprise roughly 10% of all flowering plants with Australia being home to a more than 1200 […]

Australian Native Ferns, Palms and Cycads

What Australian ferns, palms and cycads can I grow in my garden? This group of plants represents an ancient part of the world flora that dominated along with conifers before flowering plants emerged and eventually evolved into the fascinatingly diverse collection we have today. While this was occurring the ferns, palms and cycads continued to […]

Australian Native Shrubs

What are the best Australian Native Shrubs for the Garden? Shrubs form a huge group within the Australian flora and can be defined as woody plants that remain relatively low (say less than 5m) and generally have multiple stems or trunks. This type of plant abounds in more exposed, harsher climatic areas such as coastal […]

Australian Native Trees

What Australian Native Trees Should I Grow In The Garden? Strictly speaking a tree is a woody plant that has a single trunk and a distinct elevated canopy. There are, however, quite a number of woody plants in the Australian flora that are commonly thought of as trees but are actually shrubs. An example of […]

Westringia fruticosa ‘Flat n Fruity’

This is a new ground covering form of an old favourite Australian plant the coastal rosemary. It is an ultra-tough plant that will tolerate extremely windy and salty conditions such as near the coast. It also has a dense habit which deters weed growth. A great plant for easy care gardens and for landscaping work. […]