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Renew Your Kangaroo Paw

A step by step guide on how to prune your kangaroo paw Kangaroo paws are very giving plants when they flower, but flowering comes at a cost to the plant in energy. So once the flowers die back, a plant can look sick or half dead, when in fact it is just full of dead stems and […]

Daisy Wood And Her Botanical Art

Born at Wallington near Geelong at the end of the 1800’s, at a time when this part of Victoria was still mostly virgin forest, some of Daisy Wood’s earliest memories were of roaming the bush with her parents and elder sister, revelling in the profusion of beautiful wildflowers among the wattles and gum trees. Her father was […]

Boronias for Beginners

The star-like flowers of the boronias have long enchanted bush walkers in various parts of Australia from the east to the west coast. Add to this the delicate floral perfumes and cut flower qualities of species such as the brown boronia (B. megastigma) and you have a group of plants worthy of the attention of […]

Establishing native shrubs in your garden

Establishing Native Shrubs and Plants In Your Garden The Australian flora has established a reputation as a tough, drought tolerant group of plants that are very low maintenance in the garden. Whilst this is generally true it is extremely important to realize that a bit of tender loving care during the first few months of […]

New Waratah (Telopea) Varieties

New flower colours in waratahs   When it comes to waratahs yellow is the new red. Passionate plant breeder Graeme Downe of Melbourne has used a rare yellow form of the Tasmanian waratah (Telopea truncata) to create a hybrid with the NSW waratah (T. speciosissima) called ‘€˜Golden Globe’€™. Graeme has been breeding waratahs for about […]

Australian Native Hibiscus

Can I grow Australian Native Hibiscus in my garden? Australia is home to about 40 species of Hibiscus, most of which are endemic. They have identical growing requirements to the exotic species and cultivars that are so popular in cultivation. An ever increasing interest in native hibiscus has led to the horticultural development of a […]