Callicoma serratifolia – Black Wattle

An ornamental large shrub to small tree for temperate to subtropical areas, fast growing to around 8 metres in cultivation. It has attractive serrated shiny leaves with contrasting pale fuzzy undersides and the new growth is bronze coloured with rusty hairs. It flowers in late spring to early summer with lemon coloured fluffy flowers which resemble Acacia flowers, hence the common name. Australia’s early settlers used this plant to make buildings of wattle and daub too. It naturally grows in moist sheltered areas, but is reasonably adaptable. Good in sun or light shade. Frost tender when young, but frost tolerant once established.

Scientific Name:Callicoma serratifolia
Common Name:Black Wattle
Plant Type:Small tree
Height:6 ~ 12 metres
Width:2 ~ 4 metres
Flower Colour:Yellow
Flowering Time:Spring
Ph Level:Acid, Neutral
Soil Type:Loamy, Sandy loam, Clay loam
Plant Environment:Low maintenance garden
Climate Zone:Sub-tropical, Warm temperate
Light:Sunny, Light shade
Growth Habit:Evergreen
Soil Moisture:Moist moderate drainage
Propagation Method:Seed, Softwood cutting
Frost Tolerance:Tolerates light frost
Plant Usage:Feature plant, Screen



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