Plants with botanic name Correa

Correa 'Firebird' Native Fuchsia

A low mounded shrub with lovely pendulous flowers of orange-red. Correas are great low maintenance plants for a wide range of conditions, from acid to alkaline soil, sunny to shaded positions. Best with good drainage. Frost and drought tolerant.

Correa 'Isabell' - Native Fuchsia

  A mounding ground covering shrub with lovely pale pink bell shaped flowers. A tough and easy care shrub particularly good for coastal areas. Feature plant for a shrubbery but also fantastic for pots. Best in well drained soil, from clay loam to sandy, acid to alkaline. Can be grown in sunny to shaded positions, […]

Correa alba 'Star Showers' - Native Fuchsia

An attractive, very easy care and low growing shrub, Star Showers has grey dense foliage and prolific white starry flowers. The flowers are attractive to nectar feeding birds, and are borne over a long period, from autumn to early spring. It is a great landscaping plant, very hardy and suits a wide range of conditions. It […]

Correa glabra 'Ivory Lantern' - Rock Correa

This is a great low maintenance shrub, hardy enough to be used for council plantings, and attractive enough for the home garden. Upright and dense in growth, it has cream-lime flowers in autumn and winter. It attracts birds to the tubular pendulous flowers. Drought and frost hardy. Good for clay to well drained loams. Needs […]

Correa reflexa x alba 'Lemon Twist' - Native Fuchsia

The lovely lemon bell-shaped flowers set on tough shiny foliage are the outstanding feature of this hardy bird attracting small shrub. Use it as a feature plant or even as a hedge as it copes well with regular pruning. Trim it at the end of winter as it finishes flowering. Feed in early spring with […]

Correa pulchella 'Remarkable Rocks' - Native Fuchsia

The salmon coloured flowers in winter is the outstanding feature of this lovely Correa from South Australia. Use it as a small feature shrub in an area where you can enjoy the nectar feeding birds that it will attract. Tip prune the plant when young and give it a light trim after flowering has finished […]

Correa pulchella x alba 'Ice Maiden' - Native Fuchsia

The flared dusky pink flowers combine with attractive dark green foliage are the features of this beautiful native fuchsia. Use it as a small feature shrub in an area where you can enjoy the nectar feeding birds that it will attract. Tip prune the plant when young and give it a light trim after flowering […]

Correa reflexa - Native Fuchsia

  Correa reflexa is a low growing, wonderfully hardy shrub that flowers through the year. There are many different forms, from near prostrate to more upright, and yellow cream to pink to red and yellow flowers. The flowers are long and tubular bell shaped, and are attractive to birds and other nectar lovers. Will grow […]

Correa 'Canberra Bells' - Native Fuchsia

  Canberra’s centenary demanded a very special Australian plant be selected to commemorate the event in the nation’s gardens. This delicate new hybrid correa features brightly bicoloured flowers in red and white that are borne in profusion through autumn and early winter. It forms a small, compact shrub that will benefit from tip pruning when […]

Correa 'Tucker Time Multi Bella' Native Fuchsia

A dense mounding shrub with clusters of nectar rich pink and lemon-green-tipped bell flowers. These are displayed en masse both outside and inside the canopy of soft grey green leaves, proving irresistible to honey-eating birds. Great feature or pot plant. Good for sun to part shade, acid to alkaline soils. Likes good drainage, raised garden […]

Correa 'Tucker Time Dinner Bells' Native Fuchsia

A dense mounding shrub with glossy dark green foliage and a profusion of creamy green-tipped, red bell flowers from mid-summer to winter. The nectar-rich tubular flowers are highly attractive to honeyeaters, and other small birds will feed upon visiting insects. A good feature plant for a shrubbery, for containers and low hedging, a very easy […]

Correa 'Tucker Time Dawn Bells' Native Fuchsia

A low spreading dense shrub with bright variegated foliage and pink bell shaped flowers. Good for a low hedge in gardens of all sizes; Plant in shady corners to impart a brightening effect; use amongst mixed plantings for additional bird habitat.

Correa 'Jezabell' - Native Fuchsia

  A compact mounded shrub with gorgeous red-pink bell shaped flowers. A tough shrub particularly good for coastal areas. Correas are great landscaping plants, as they do well on a wide range of soils as long as they have good drainage, and can be grown in sun as well as more shaded spots. Fertilise in […]

Correa glabra 'Barossa Gold' Native Fuchsia

A low mounded hardy shrub with attractive golden coloured foliage for year round interest. Feature plant for a shrubbery, fantastic for pots and can be used for low hedging work. Frost and drought tolerant, does well in most soils as long as they are well drained. Looks good in sun to shadier areas, the foliage […]

Correa 'Federation Belle' - Native Fuchsia

  A hardy small rounded shrub with excellent, bright flower colour of pink and green. Flowers late summer through to winter. A tough and fast growing shrub particularly good for coastal areas. Feature plant for a shrubbery and looks superb in a container. Bird attracting. Frost and drought tolerant.

Correa 'Dusky Bells' - Native Fuchsia

  An old favourite dense mounding shrub with profuse flowering from autumn through winter and on to spring. Great shrubbery plant that is a great small bird attractor. Prune straight after flowering to encourage new and more dense growth, and feed with a good native fertiliser in spring. The leaves have a pleasing citrus smell […]

Correa 'Catie Bec' - Native Fuchsia

  A small shrub that becomes covered in pale pink star shaped flowers. A tough shrub particularly good for coastal areas. A useful plant for landscaping as it will grow well and flower in sunny to shaded positions, and in acid to alkaline soils. Best in well drained soil, and is a great container plant. […]

Correa 'Annabell'

A pretty small shrub with delicate bell shaped pink flowers in autumn through to winter. A great plant if you want flowers in a partly shaded spot. Does well in containers and great for smaller gardens. Likes well drained soil. Responds well to pruning to keep it compact.

Correa reflexa var. nummulariifolia - Roundleaf Correa

A low growing ground cover shrub with pale yellow green tubular bell flowers in winter. Small nectar loving birds will feed from the blooms. Can withstand moderate frost and dry spells once established. Will grow in sun to part shade.

Correa decumbens x reflexa 'Redex'

An easy care small mounding shrub with tubular bell shaped red and yellow flowers from spring to late summer. It is frost and drought tolerant once established, and a naturally compact shape. Tip pruning will help to create an even more shapely habit, but is not necessary. Small nectar feeding birds like the flowers. Likes […]

Correa 'Just a Touch'

A useful small shrub that will flower in part shade, with delicate white bells with a hint of pink. Blooming in autumn to winter, small nectar loving birds will visit them. Like a well drained soil, frost and drought tolerant when established. Great in containers and great for small gardens. Regular tip pruning will help […]

Correa reflexa 'Trixibelle' - Native Fuchsia

A good small and ground covering shrub with bell shaped pink and green tipped flowers in winter. Fast growing and with a dense habit, good for sun to light shade. Prefers reasonably drained soil, however it is adaptable to most soil types. Tolerates drought and frost hardy.

Correa alba - White Correa

A great little plant for coastal gardens, as it likes sandy soils and will resist salty winds. Likes a sunny spot, but will also grow in part shade, though flowering will be lessened. It responds beautifully to pruning, and can be shaped for formal uses. Also good in containers. Flowers in late autumn to winter […]

Correa pulchella 'Little Cate' - Native Fuchsia

A delightful and very useful small shrub that is naturally compact growing and mounding. It bears masses of pendant pink bell flowers in winter to spring, which are visited by small nectar loving birds and insects. A great plant for partly shaded positions, and will still flower even in shade, but will also cope with more sun. […]

Correa hybrid 'OMG'

An attractive medium sized shrub, growing to 1.5 metres high. Flowers from autumn through winter, with red bell-shaped flowers which attract nectar eating birds. Prune lightly after flowering to encourage a more dense habit. Good for coastal gardens, drought tolerant. Like a well drained but moist soil, sun or shade to part shade. Can be short lived plants, […]

Correa 'Adorabell' - Native Fuchsia

A compact shrub growing to approximately one metre high. It has dark green foliage that highlights the bright pink flowers. Blooms all autumn and into winter, and the nectar rich flowers attract smaller birds. Frost hardy and drought tolerant once established. Useful for low hedging and borders, or as a feature plant.

Correa 'Mallee Pink' - Native Fuchsia

A useful small shrub for coastal and dry gardens and winter flowering in partly shaded positions. It has pretty pink bell shaped flowers which attract nectar feeders. Grows to 1.5  metres high and 2 metres wide, and light pruning a couple of times a year is beneficial. Once established it is drought and frost tolerant.

Correa baeuerlenii -Chef's Cap Correa

A useful small to medium sized shrub as it grows in sheltered half shady positions, where it will happily produce its interesting looking pendulous flowers mainly in winter, with spot flowering through the rest of the year. The flowers are used by smaller nectar loving birds for food. A hardy plant, tolerant of medium to higher frost […]

Correa 'Snowbelle'

A small spreading shrub which has a long flowering period, from autumn to spring, with white bell flowers. Smaller honey eating birds love the flowers. Good in sun to part shade. Trim after flowering to encourage an even more dense habit. Correas can be short lived in very humid conditions, and need good drainage.