Plants with botanic name Banksia

Banksia meisneri - Meisner's Banksia

This is a wonderful ornamental species with a delicate appearance, growing to a small shrub with many branches. It has unusual and attractive yellow flowers, occurring from autumn to spring. Needs a well drained soil and dappled shade or part sun, but will withstand full sun conditions. It is somewhat tolerant of frost and drought […]

Banksia media - Golden Stalk Banksia

A medium to large shrub with heavily scented flowers, ranging in colour from light yellow to orange brown. The flowers look quite remarkable when in bud, and are attractive to nectar eating birds and other insects. Banksia media is particularly good for coastal areas, as it can tolerate salt spray and strong winds. It is […]

Banksia littoralis - Swamp Banksia

  The scientific name ‘littoralis’ means ‘belonging to the sea shore’, referring to the coastal woodland habitat of this large, majestic banksia. Growing to a large shrub or small tree, the Swamp Banksia is best suited to the larger garden, and is particularly good for coastal areas. Unlike most banksias, the wood is said to […]

Banksia laricina - Rose-fruited Banksia

The common name of this Banksia refers to the intriguing form of the seed pods, which make wonderful specimens for floristry and floral art. Native to only a small area north of Perth, this Banksia deserves to be more widely cultivated for its unusual features. Likes a well drained light or medium soil, and part […]

Banksia violacea - Violet Banksia

This is a small shrub, notable for its unusual dark violet flowers. Native to sandy soils of Western Australia, it will grow best in a light to medium well drained soil, with light shade to full sun. A great choice for coastal regions, and for container growing. It will tolerate light pruning, above the green […]

Banksia hookeriana

A wonderful choice for the garden, this Banksia grows to a medium shrub and is ideal for producing cut flowers. Hooker’s Banksia needs very well drained soil, but is tolerant of light frost and drought once established. Works well as a low windbreak in the garden.

Banksia grossa

This Banksia from Western Australia grows to a small shrub and bears bronze or golden brown coloured flowers between March and September. The flowers produce a lot of nectar, and attract a variety of insects and other animals in their native habitat. The optimum conditions for Banksia grossa are well-drained, acidic soil (though it can […]

Banksia praemorsa - Cut Leaf Banksia

A great ornamental banksia, growing to a medium shrub and adaptable to a variety of well drained soils and climate zones. Impressive flowers which can be bright yellow, or dark red-purple. The Cut-leaf Banksia attracts birds as well as providing shelter for them. Fantastic as an ornamental in the garden, or as windbreak or coastal […]

Banksia ashbyi - Ashby's Banksia

A variable banksia from Western Australia, it has a lower shrubby form around 2 metres tall that grows from a lignotuber, and a larger small tree to large shrub around 8 metres tall. The flowers are a bright, attractive orange gold colour, from mid spring to early summer. The foliage is interesting too, blue grey […]

Banksia plagiocarpa - Hinchinbrook Banksia

This is a magnificent and striking Banksia, well worth growing as an ornamental for its incredible blue-grey flower buds which make very impressive cut flowers. It also sports lush red new growth. Its range in the wild is limited to Hinchinbrook Island and the adjacent mainland in QLD. Grows well in the eastern states, tolerant […]

Banksia pilostylis

An attractive, many branched shrub, with strongly scented cream to yellow flowers, Banksia pilostylis is a wonderful choice for the home or public garden. It also makes a wonderful container plant. Flowers produce a lot of nectar, attracting honeyeaters and other small creatures. It can be used as a low windbreak, and tolerates some coastal […]

Banksia petiolaris

A beautiful and eye catching prostrate Banksia, the bright yellow flowers protrude as distinct spikes, separate from the foliage, making this a highly decorative groundcover. It makes a wonderful plant for rockeries and as a general groundcover. It is also very useful for controlling erosion or on embankments as it can spread to cover a large […]

Banksia paludosa - Swamp Banksia

A wonderful ornamental, the Marsh Banksia has handsome deep green foliage, elegant yellow gold flowers and interesting seed pods. Native to NSW, it is a slow growing but hardy plant, tolerant of heavy frosts. Makes an excellent container plant. The flowers are visited by a range of mammals and birds in the wild, including the […]

Banksia oreophila - Western Mountains Banksia

Banksia oreophila is a wonderful hardy plant that provides lovely mauve-grey flowers through winter. A medium shrub, it is quite adaptable in cultivation and can tolerate moderate frosts. Makes an outstanding container plant, and can be used as part of a low windbreak. Well drained, light to medium soils are suitable, with dappled shade to […]

Banksia occidentalis - Waterbush Banksia

This Banksia from WA grows to a medium shrub or small tree, and is an excellent ornamental choice for gardens, flowering sporadically through the year with impressive red blooms. It is also useful as a screen or windbreak. Its natural environment is in peat swamp sands near the coast, and it will thrive in a […]

Banksia oblongifolia - Fern Leaf Banksia

A small to medium sized shrub native to the east coast, Banksia oblongifolia is a very hardy and slow growing plant, particularly great for coastal areas. It flowers well in cultivation and flowers attract many birds. Ideal for planting under established Eucalyptus trees, it needs good drainage, but is adaptable to different soil types. Pruning […]

Banksia nutans - Nodding Banksia

  A small shrub with beautiful dusky pink or purple nodding flower heads, Banksia nutans is an excellent ornamental for Mediterranean climates. It is also useful for controlling erosion. Needs a very well drained soil and can be susceptible to dieback in areas with humid summers. It can tolerate most frosts and does well with […]

Banksia micrantha

Hailing from south-west Western Australia, this is an attractive small shrubby Banksia with thin leaves, ideal as a groundcover or for a rockery. It produces yellow flowers, occasionally tinged with purple, between summer and autumn and also sporadically. Can be used as a low windbreak in the garden as well. Grows quite easily with a […]

Banksia menziesii - Menzies Banksia

The Firewood Banksia grows to a large shrub or small tree, and is a stunning ornamental for the garden with its large flower heads, commonly grown as a cut flower. The flower colour can vary, but is mostly red or orange brown. The flowers attract nectar eating birds, particularly honeyeaters, and the plant can be […]

Banksia verticillata - Albany Banksia

This species is excellent for coastal gardens as it withstands strong winds, being native to exposed granite outcrops around Albany, WA. It is also great for a variety of other situations, particularly as windbreaks and for erosion control, and is quite a fast growing banksia. It has dense, lush green foliage and large yellow flower […]

Banksia spinulosa 'Cherry Candles'

  A superb dense and compact small shrub that is perfect for rockeries and smaller gardens, whether mass planted for dramatic effect, in small groups or in containers on the patio, veranda or deck. Easy care, with long lasting flowers, with a good strong colour. It begins producing the decorative buds from late spring, fully flowering […]

Banksia saxicola - Grampians Banksia

This is a great species to grow in cool climates, having been successfully cultivated outdoors in the UK and Tasmania. It grows to a large shrub or small tree, with beautiful dark green foliage and interesting woolly follicles. Withstands frosts and winds, as it grows naturally in exposed areas high in the Grampians. Needs well […]

Banksia laevigata

This species is great for coastal areas, withstanding winds quite well. It has a shrubby, bushy habit and round yellow flower heads. It will also attract birds to the garden. Needs a well drained soil, light to heavy, and part to full sun. It is an ideal plant for lateritic gravel soils, should these be […]

Banksia lemanniana - Yellow Lantern Banksia

This Western Australian species has proved adaptable to the eastern States, and is well worth growing as an ornamental for its unique pendant flowers, which hang down from the stems unlike most banksias. The flowers are a rich brown colour in bud, opening to yellow. It is a medium shrub with dense, lush green foliage […]

Banksia incana - Hoary Banksia

An attractive dwarf shrub with great ornamental potential, Banksia incana sports bright yellow, spherical blossoms that stand out from the understated foliage. Native to deep sandy soils in south west WA, it will need full sun and a well drained soil. Useful as a small shrubby groundcover, and would be a good plant for rockeries. […]

Banksia tricuspis - Pine Banksia

This banksia is an open branched medium to large shrub, with leaves resembling pine needles and gorgeous large yellow flowers. Flowers provide colour in the garden through autumn and winter. It can adapt to different well drained soils, and tolerates light conditions from dappled shade to full sun. Somewhat drought and frost tolerant, but not […]

Banksia telmatiaea - Swamp Fox Banksia

Not commonly seen in cultivation, this is an attractive medium shrub, with slender linear leaves and small yellow flowers. Flowers produce a lot of nectar and are visited by a variety of birds, insects and mammals. Grows naturally in swampy sandy soils in WA, so should grow happily in a well drained but moist soil […]

Banksia sphaerocarpa - Fox Banksia

An elegant ornamental small to medium shrub, with long needle-like leaves and gorgeous yellow to orange ball-shaped flowers. It is quite a variable species, with a number of distinct varieties. It makes a wonderful container plant, and is also useful as a low windbreak or screen. Tolerant of dry periods once established, it also handles […]

Banksia speciosa - Showy Banksia

This is a stunning species, as the name suggests, very prominent flowers and interesting geometric leaf formations. The leaves fan out in a circular pattern from the flower bud, creating a remarkable natural pattern. Flowers throughout the year, makes a great cut flower. It is more adaptable to the conditions of the eastern states than […]

Banksia prionotes - Orange Banksia

  This banksia grows to a tall shrub or small tree, and when in bloom the bright flowers are quite arresting. A very impressive plant in flower. Great as a large container plant, and used commercially for cut flower production. It can be hard to get established in the garden, needing extremely well drained soil […]

Banksia sceptrum - Sceptre Banksia

A species from the northern sandplain in WA, the Sceptre Banksia is one of the most magnificent of yellow flowering banksias. The flowers are prominent and very well displayed on the plant. The blooms are often used as cut flowers. A dense, tall shrub, it can also be used for hedges and windbreaks, and is […]

Banksia seminuda - River Banksia

One of the largest of banksias, the River Banksia grows to a large shrub or handsome tree, with yellow or seldom red flowers. It is fast growing and adaptable in cultivation, tolerant of frosts and dry periods. Great for the large garden, and ideal for public parks, gardens and as a street tree. The timber […]

Banksia scabrella - Burma Road Banksia

This is a small shrubby plant, with compact oval flowers, smaller than most banksia flowers. It has spine-like leaves, giving the plant a delicate appearance. Not often seen in cultivation, it would make an interesting addition to the garden. It can be used as a low windbreak. Should grow well in a very well drained […]

Banksia spinulosa 'Bush Candles' - Hairpin Banksia

  Banksia ‘Bush Candles’ is a great low maintenance dwarf shrub that flowers its head off from autumn to winter, providing a visual delight and a great source of nectar for visiting birds. A naturally dense grower, forming a wide low mound that cover the ground. It is a vigorous grower. The flowers are golden […]

Banksia grandis - Bull Banksia

Spectacular yellow flower heads and large toothed foliage on a large shrub are the key features of this iconic Western Australian Banksia. It makes a great feature shrub for the garden and is especially good for coastal areas. It is a vey low maintenance plant. Doesn’t like excessive humidity.

Banksia ericifolia - Heath Banksia

  Large orange flower heads , needle-like foliage, adaptable nature and a dense growth habit make this a very useful banksia for the garden. It makes an excellent medium sized screen or feature plant. It is a very low maintenance plant, and is fast growing. A great bird attracting plant. It grows on the east […]

Banksia epica - Epic Banksia

The very large yellow flower heads combine with a dense growth habit to make this an interesting garden plant. Use it as a feature shrub. It is very low maintenance plant.

Banksia elegans - Elegant Banksia

The open growth habit, interesting toothed foliage and unusual flower colour combine to make this an interesting garden plant. Use it as a feature shrub. It is very low maintenance plant.

Banksia cuneata - Matchstick Banksia

The dense growth habit, interesting foliage and unusual flower colour and shape combine to make this an interesting garden plant. Use it as a feature shrub. It is a very low maintenance plant. It has been listed as an endangered species.

Banksia candolleana - Propeller Banksia

The unusual propeller like shape of the seed head combines with a compact growth habit and attractive flower head to make a useful garden shrub. Use it as a feature plant. It is very low maintenance. Doesn’t like humidity.

Banksia caleyi - Red Lantern Banksia

  The scarlet flower heads on a dense, bushy shrub are the key features of this useful banksia. Use it as a feature shrub, especially near the coast. It is a very low maintenance plant.

Banksia burdettii - Burdett's Banksia

The stunning flower heads that are grey in bud and orange when they open are borne on a rounded bushy medium sized shrub. Use it as a feature shrub and enjoy cut flowers for indoor decoration as well. It is a very low maintenance plant.

Banksia blechnifolia

  A prostrate ground cover with interesting serrated foliage and large attractive flower heads. Use it as an eye catching feature shrub or as a pot plant for a large container. It is a very low maintenance shrub. Given a well drained neutral to acid soil it is an hardy plant, flowers best in a sunny spot. Needs […]

Banksia baueri - Teddy Bear Banksia

A small, compact shrub with interesting serrated foliage and huge attractive flower heads that are its main features. Use it as a feature shrub or as a pot plant for a large container. It is a very low maintenance shrub.

Banksia aquilonia - Banksia

An upright large shrub with long leaves that have an attractive silvery undersurface, as well as medium sized lemon yellow flower heads. Use it as a feature shrub. It is a very low maintenance plant.

Banksia aemula - Wallum Banksia

A small gnarled shrub with interested serrated foliage and large attractive green-yellow flower heads. Use it as a feature shrub or as a pot plant for a large container. It is a very low maintenance shrub. Banksia aemula was one of the first banksias to be taken to England.

Banksia aculeata - Prickly Banksia

A compact shrub with attractive creamy pink coloured flower heads. Unusually for a banksia, the flower heads are downward hanging. Use it as a feature shrub or as a pot plant. It needs very little if any maintenance apart from removing any dead growth. It is native to the Stirling Ranges in Western Australia, growing […]

Banksia robur - Swamp Banksia

Banksia robur, the swamp banksia, is a dramatic looking banksia with large serrated leaves. The new growth has a felty coating of brown hairs, which is an attractive feature. It naturally occurs in damp areas on sandy soils, but is very adaptable to a wide range of conditions and soils. It needs full sun for […]

Banksia leptophylla

Banksia leptophylla comes from sandy areas of Western Australia, growing between Perth and Geraldton. The scientific name refers to the slender leaves of the plant. It is an attractive species, with charming, rounded flower heads that produce an unusual type of nectar. It is a bird attracting species, and can also be used as a […]

Banksia 'Yellow Wing'

  A medium rounded shrub with fine dense foliage. The flower spikes are held well above the foliage as beacons for a range of honey-eating birds, and parrots love their seed. Particularly suitable for hedging, screening or specimen plantings; cut flowers last well in water, may also be dried. Prune after flowering to encourage a […]

Banksia spinulosa 'Stumpy Gold'

  A dense compact small shrub that is perfect for rockeries and smaller gardens, whether mass planted for dramatic effect, in small groups or in containers on the patio, veranda or deck. Lovely golden flowers which last well for maximum enjoyment, and are bird attracting. Also can be used for cut flowers. Suits mild acid […]

Banksia spinulosa 'Honey Pots'

  A very attractive small shrub that is perfect for rockeries and smaller gardens, whether mass planted for dramatic effect, in small groups or in containers on the patio, veranda or deck. It has a dense and compact growth habit to around a metre wide and tall. It can be pruned to smaller sizes, which […]

Banksia spinulosa 'Black Magic'

  A compact small shrub that is perfect for rockeries and smaller gardens, whether mass planted for dramatic effect, in small groups or in containers on the patio, veranda or deck. Lovely golden flower colour contrasting with almost black styles, great for nectar loving birds. Flowers in winter to spring. Tolerates moderate frost, and suits […]

Banksia spinulosa 'Birthday Candles'

  A dense and compact small shrub that is perfect for rockeries and smaller gardens, whether mass planted for dramatic effect, in small groups or in containers on the patio, verandah or deck. It is frost tolerant, and suits acid to alkaline soils. Likes well drained soil types, in heavier soils it is advisable to […]

Banksia serrata 'Pygmy Possum' Banksia

  A prostrate form of Old Man Banksia with lovely arching branches. Grows to 2 to 3 metres wide but only 30 cms high, with dense growth it makes a terrific groundcover. The large silver-yellow nectar rich flowers adorn the plant in summer and autumn. A great rockery or bank plant. Good in full sun […]

Banksia marginata 'Minimarg'

A very tough dwarf Banksia that adapts well to a wide range of soil and climate types. Suitable for low hedges, rockeries and as a general low mounding garden shrub. It naturally forms a good rounded  shape, and pruning after flowering will encourage and even more dense habit. The leaves are an attractive colour, dark […]

Banksia integrifolia 'Roller Coaster' Banksia

A vigorous cascading ground cover suitable for banks, rockeries, and the borders of shrubberies. Very tough, especially for coastal areas with sandy soil.

Banksia hybrid 'Giant Candles'

  The massive flower spikes up to 40cm long are the outstanding feature of this cultivar. It can grow to around 5 metres if left unpruned. A very adaptable plant that makes a fantastic medium sized screen as well as a great cut flower. Birds are attracted to the nectar rich flowers, which are long […]

Banksia ericifolia 'Little Eric'

  This is a terrific hardy small shrub which can be used for low hedging and screening as well as a lovely feature plant, and does well in coastal gardens.  It has attractive orange flowers with maroon styles and whitish perianth from winter through spring, and they are highly attractive to large and small honey eating birds […]

Banksia integrifolia prostrate - Coastal Banksia

An easy care groundcovering Banksia, growing to just under a metre high and 2 metres wide. With large yellow flowers borne for most of the year- from summer through to winter-they are bird attracting and make good cut flowers. Suits seaside gardens, looks great when mass planted. Drought and frost tolerant once established.

Banksia integrifolia - Coast Banksia

This variable, adaptable and beautiful banksia will grow slowly to eventually attain tree size, and suits many different positions from coastal gardens where it will handle salt laden winds with ease, to inland cooler areas where it is frost and drought tolerant. The leathery leaves have attractive dark green colouring with silver reverses. The large […]

Banksia spinulosa 'Coastal Cushion' - Hairpin Banksia

Banksia ‘Coastal Cushion’ is a useful and low maintenance low growing banksia that flowers its head off from autumn to winter.  It is a naturally dense grower, forming a wide low mound that cover the ground, and a little bit of pruning will see an even more dense habit. It is a vigorous grower. The flowers are golden spikes with lovely […]

Banksia paludosa 'Little Pal'

A compact form of Banksia paludosa, Little Pal is a useful small shrub that has a long flowering season, from autumn to winter, and the yellow flowers are highly attractive to nectar eating birds. The naturally dense growth offers shelter to small creatures like lizards, and it can be encouraged to be even more dense if […]

Banksia ericifolia 'Red Rover'

A hardy shrub to 2 metres high and wide, adaptable to a wide range of conditions, from sun to part shade. It has an open habit with pale green small leaves and bronze to red flowers in autumn and winter, which are highly bird attracting.

Banksia serrata - Old Man Banksia

A character filled small to medium sized tree with leathery serrated leaves and creamy yellow to brown large flowers in summer. The flowers are followed by interesting pods , and the bark is lumpy and bumpy, both of which helped inspire May Gibbs Big Bad Banksia man. It naturally occurs on the east coast of Australia from southern […]

Banksia nivea - Honeypot Dryandra

An attractive small shrub, with attractive ferny foliage with silver reverse, and orange flowers in winter and spring that are bird attracting. Smaller forms are ground hugging, with larger forms growing to 1.2 metres high and wide. Drought and frost resistant once established. Best in a light well drained soil and sunny position.

Banksia spinulosa 'Schnapper Point'

An attractive low growing selection of Banksia spinulosa, it forms a good compact habit with a little bit of tip pruning after flowering. It grows around a metre high and to 2 metres wide, and flowers for an extended period, from autumn, all through winter through to spring. It is drought tolerant if needed but will […]

Banksia hybrid 'Bird Song'

A delightful smaller growing Banksia with tiny fine leaves and large bright flowers from autumn through winter. The flowers start as yellow buds and age through to a darker orange-red, and are loved by nectar feeding birds and other wildlife. It grows from 1 to 2 metres tall and wide, is naturally dense growing but can be encouraged […]