Boronia serrulata – Native Rose

An attractive Boronia species, this small shrub is commonly named the Native Rose for the delicately and beautifully perfumed deep pink flowers. The star shaped flowers appear atop the branches in Spring and continue to early Summer, creating an impressive display. The foliage is also fragrant and takes on a bronze tinge in cold conditions, making it an attractive plant year round. Excellent for use in containers, borders and rockeries, as well as garden and landscape where it will thrive with little maintenance in well drained soil. Good frost tolerance once established and grows well in a range of conditions from full sun to heavy shade. Its compact form, exquisite perfume and visual appeal make it a great feature plant in a container or garden, and the flower stems make great cut flowers for floral arrangements.

Scientific Name:Boronia serrulata
Common Name:Native Rose
Plant Type:Small shrub
Height:0.5 ~ 1 metre
Width:0.5 ~ 1 metre
Flower Colour:Pink
Flowering Time:Spring
Ph Level:Neutral, Alkaline
Soil Type:Sandy, Loamy, Sandy loam
Plant Environment:Courtyard, Container growing, Cottage garden, Flower garden, Cold climate
Climate Zone:Warm temperate, Cool temperate, Mediterranean, Cool
Light:Sunny, Light shade, Half shade, Heavy shade
Growth Habit:Evergreen, Dense foliage
Soil Moisture:Well-drained, Needs regular watering
Frost Tolerance:Tolerates heavy frost
Plant Usage:Feature plant, Fragrant, Border plant, Attractive foliage
Special Uses:Cut flower, Fragrant oils, Bonsai, Honey producing plant, Pollution tolerant, Playground friendly
Attracts Wildlife:Bees, Butterflies, Other insects



Angus recommends Bush Tucker fertiliser for native plants