Angus’s Top Ten Australian Shrubs

1 Grevillea ‘Peaches and Cream’

Because of its unique bicoloured flowers that are produced in profusion all year round.

2 Callistemon ‘€˜Endeavour’

Because of its stunning red mass flower displays and adaptability to poorly drained soils.

3 Buckinghamia celsissima (Ivory Curl)

Because of the wonderful autumn crescendo of ivory coloured blooms

4 Alyogyne huegelii ‘€˜West Coast Gem’

Because of the non-stop display of large purple hibiscus-like flowers through the warmer months.

5 Grevillea ‘€˜Flamingo’

Because of the unusual coppery-pink flower heads and compact growth habit.

6 Telopea speciosissima (New South Wales Waratah)

Because of the iconic flower heads that are an absolute bird magnet.

7 Adenanthos sericeus ‘€˜Copper Glow’

Because of the soft ‘cuddly’€™ foliage with bronze new growth.

8 Melaleuca thymifolia (Thyme Honey Myrtle)

Because of the year-round flowering and adaptability to poorly drained soil.

9 Acacia iteaphylla (Flinders Range Wattle)

Because of the greyish-green weeping foliage and mass displays of lemon flowers.

Note- In areas in Western Australia and Perth this plant has become a weed species, outcompeting the local native vegetation communities, so not recommended there

10 Eremophila nivea (Silky Eremophila)

Because of the stunning silver foliage complemented by the beautiful mauve flowers.