Angus’s Top Ten Australian Plants for attracting Wildlife

1 Anigozanthos varieties

Birds love the nectar rich flowers. It’s interesting to see how adroitly they perch on the slender stems.

2 Grevillea varieties

Smaller growing and prickly varieties are great small bird habitat. Large flowered varieties attract the more lively nectar eaters. Butterflies and other interesting insects love them too.

3 Callistemon €˜

Birds and other nectar eaters adore bottlebrush flowers. The dense foliage provides perching and nesting places.

4 Acacia

Butterflies and other insects are attracted to the flowers, and seed eating birds can feed on certain varieties of acacia pods. They make great shelter and habitat plants.

5 Correa

Because of its beautiful pendulous bell-shaped flowers through autumn and winter that honey eaters love

6 Telopea speciosissima (New South Wales Waratah)

Because of the iconic  flower heads that are an absolute bird magnet

7 Doryanthes excelsa (Gymea Lily)

Because of the amazing towering red flower heads and the big bold plant. Another favourite for birds, which feed on the necatr and on insects that are attracted to the flowers

8 Corymbia ficifolia (Red-flowering Gum)

Because of its stunning flower displays in summer in a range of colours. Larger colourful parrots and other birds love the flowers that drip with nectar and will also feed from insects that are attracted. They also provide a good perching spot where birds can survey their surrounds and escape from predators.

9 Lambertia formosa (Mountain Devil)

Because of the attractive red flowers and spiky bird-protecting foliage

10 Pimelea ferruginea (Rice Flower)

Because of the beautiful flowers that bring butterflies to the garden