Angus’s Top Ten Australian Groundcovers

1 Grevillea ‘€˜Poorinda Royal Mantle’€™

Because it has proven itself for decades for its adaptability and reliability.

2 Scaevola albida ‘€™Mauve Carpet’

Because of its masses of purple flowers all-year and adaptability.

3 Westringia fruticosa ‘€˜Flat’€˜n’Fruity’

Because of its interesting foliage texture, its tough nature and great reliability.

4 Goodenia ovata ‘€˜Gold Cover’

Because of its bright-yellow flowers over most of the year and its reliability.

5 Grevillea ‘Bronze Rambler’

Because of its beautiful dark divided foliage and complementary purple-pink flowers.

6 Melaleuca hypericifolia ‘€˜Ulladulla Beacon’

Because of its beautiful orange-red flower heads and its ability to thrive in all soil types.

7 Hardenbergia violacea

Because of its great ability to be a pioneer plant in hostile conditions and its wonderful flower displays.

8 Brachyscome ‘€˜Pacific Reef’€™ and other ‘Pacific’ varieties

Because of their vibrant colourful flowers over many months and easy care nature.

9 Hibbertia scandens (Climbing Guinea Flower or Snake Vine)

Because of its glowing yellow flowers, snake-like stems and ability to thrive near the sea.

10 Adenanthos cuneatus ‘Coral Carpet’ and ‘Flat Out’

Because of their unusual foliage colour, shape and texture, and ability to handle dry spells.