Symposium on the Family Haemodoraceae

In conjunction with the month long Royal Botanic Garden Cranbourne Kangaroo Paw Celebration, there will be a three-day symposium – ‘Kangaroo Paws, Bloodroots, Cottonheads and More – a Symposium on the Family Haemodoraceae’

Thursday 24 to Saturday 26 November

Day One: Botanical, Horticultural and Zoological (Melbourne Gardens)

Day Two: Breeding, Marketing, Design, Cultivation & Diseases (Cranbourne Gardens)

Day Three: Home Gardeners and Enthusiasts (Cranbourne Gardens)


  • Keynote Speaker, Professor Stephen Hopper, regarded as the world’s botanical expert on the family Haemodoraceae
  • Presenter and co-sponsor, Angus Stewart, who is a renowned horticulturalist and Kangaroo Paw breeder, Gardening Australia presenter and author.
  • Other speakers at the symposium include Professor Kingsley Dixon (Curtin University), Dr Brett Summerell (Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney), Digby Growns (Kings Park, Western Australia), and a number of Victorian horticulturists and garden designers (Rodger Elliot, Jim Fogarty, Loretta Childs, Warren Worboys, John Arnott, John Thompson and Amy Akers).

Symposium enquiries & bookings:

Chloe Foster at or

Phone: 9725 3569