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New Australian Plants

Plant breeders and nurseries put a lot of work into selecting new plants to release, and they base these selections on many different factors. New flower colours, extended flowering times, more compact growth habit, hardiness and disease resistance are a few of the desirable traits that clever plant people aim for when releasing new plants onto the market.

* Plant hunting tip- If you like the look of any of the new plants featured, you can ring or visit your local nursery to find out if they have them in stock. If they don't have them, you can always ask if they can be ordered in for you.

Grevillea 'Dorothy Gordon'

grevillea-hybrid grevillea dorothy-gordon 3

A beautiful new Grevillea from Queensland with flowers of burgundy velvet and curled pink styles- a stunning combination! Nectar loving wildlife will be happy with the blooms, and they make lovely cut flowers.

Grows into a large and compact shrub around 3 metres tall, it responds well to pruning. Bronze new foliage ages to mid green. Suits most soil types, waterwise and can take wet spells. Flowers well for most of the year. Read more here

Carpobrotus 'Pink Passion'

carpobrotus-rossii native-pigface pink-passion 1

Pink Passion is a new brilliant pink flowered variety of native pig face. A tough and low maintenance ground cover plant that is also edible- both the ripe fruit and leaves can be used for salads and stir fries, or just nibbled from the garden.  Good for many different uses- sea side, embankments, for soil stabilisation, green walls, containers.

Read more here

Kangaroo Paw 'Landscape Orange' and 'Landscape Yellow'

anigozanthos-hybrid kangaroo-paw landscape-yellow 5

Two new kangaroo paws have been developed to perform well in the garden and larger landscaping projects with minimal care. Landscape Orange and Landscape Yellow are tall and tough! The brightly coloured flowers attract nectar loving birds and are great long lasting cut flowers. Waterwise once established, all the care they will need is a handful of slow release fertiliser in spring, and a good hard cut back after the flowers have died back. They do well on most soil types including very moist ones. Read more.

Carpobrotus 'White Hot'

carpobrotus-rossii pig-face white-hot 005

A lovely white flowering selection of Carpobrotus rossii. A really useful perennial native succulent, great for coastal and inland plantings, as it will endure heat and saline conditions.  It is a good waterwise groundcover, growing to around a metre wide, and is good for soil stabilisation. As a bonus, the fruit is edible.

Corymbia maculata variegata 'Ribbons of Hope'

corymbia-maculata spotted-gum ribbons-of-hope 2

A stunning variety of a versatile and hardy eucalypt.....Ribbons of Hope has green leaves with a broad edging of cream, and the new growth is a beautiful blush pink. This tree has been in development for 25 years, so it is has proved itself as a stunning plant for landscaping and as a street tree. It grows to 12 metres tall, good for most soils, and takes cold, heat and drought. Each tree sold will benefit breast cancer research. Read more here


 Adenanthos cuneatus 'Flat Out'

adenanthos-cuneatus jugflower flat-out 11

A great new groundcover selection from Western Australia, with bronze new growth and textured foliage. A great low maintenance plant. Read more here...

Westringia fruitocosa 'Flat n Fruity'

Westringia fruticosa Flat 'n Fruity

Westringia fruticosa 'Flat n Fruity' is a great ground covering form of the ever popular Westringia. Dense growing and rarely troubled by pests or disease, great for easy care gardening. To see the article click here or see the video by clicking here.



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