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Syzygium australe  Blaze

Common Name  Lilly Pilly , Rose apple

A small naturally dense shrub with mid-sized glossy green leaves with bright red new growth. White powder-puff flowers are followed by pinkish fruits that attract birds. The fruit has a pleasantly sour taste and can be eaten fresh or made into jam. A great native hedge plant, as it responds well to pruning. Can be used for bonsai, low screening and as a good topiary plant. Also perfect for containers. Does well in sun to partially shaded spots, and adapts to most soil types. Feed with a good all purpose fertiliser through the warm months, and mulching will help to improve the soil and keep down weeds. Can be affected by psyllids, which make dimples on the leaves. These are easily dealt with by picking off affected leaves.

Height 1.5 to 2.5 metres    Width  1.2 to 1.5 metres

Plant Type
small shrub
Flower Colour
Flowering Time
Growth habit
evergreen, dense foliage
Plant Usage
hedge, topiary, attractive foliage
Attracts Wildlife
bees, nectar eating birds, seed eating birds, butterflies
Special Uses
bonsai, decorative fruit, erosion control, pollution tolerant
Plant Environment
low maintenance garden, courtyard, poolside, container growing, drought resistant
Soil Type
clay, loamy, sandy loam, clay loam, potting mix, poor soil
Soil Moisture
dry, well-drained, moist moderate drainage
sunny, light shade
Climate Zone
tropical, sub-tropical, warm temperate, cool temperate, Mediterranean
pH Level
mildly acid, neutral, mildly alkaline
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