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Grevillea ‘Little Sparkler’

A superb and useful dwarf shrub, growing to half a metre high and wide. Lots of orange and yellow spider flowers all through winter and spring, which are great for smaller nectar feeders. Fine foliage and a naturally dense habit which can be made even more dense by light pruning after flowering. Tolerates heavy frost and […]

Anigozanthos ‘Landscape Scarlet’ – Kangaroo Paw

A strappy leafed upright plant, it bears beautiful tall red flowers in spring and summer. A great garden and larger landscaping plant with a nice form which has stood the test of time. The flowers attract birds, and are good for long lasting cut blooms. It grows from an underground rhizome, so once established, if the leaves suffer blackening from […]

Callerya megasperma – Native Wisteria

This twining vine is native to northern coastal NSW and southern Queensland, so suits sub-tropical areas. It bears large trusses of purple pea flowers in late winter to spring, which resemble the exotic wisteria, but this vine is an evergreen. It has handsome glossy leaves, so is attractive even when not in flower. It is […]

Brunonia australis – Blue Pincushion Flower

This lovely perennial plant is known for its unique and eye-catching blue flowers, produced mostly in Spring and appearing at times through Autumn. The unique charm of the flowers makes it a great feature in a container or garden, with each stem bearing masses of tiny blue flowers in a pincushion shape above a cluster of […]

Callistemon ‘Wee Johnnie’ – Bottlebrush

A new dwarf variety of bottlebrush, this small shrub has been selected for its fantastic growth habit- compact in size, with dense grey green foliage. Flowers in Spring, producing abundant red brushes clustered tightly along the stem. This versatile plant is excellent for rockeries, hedges and borders. It makes a great feature for both its foliage and […]

Anigozanthos flavidus ‘Landscape Violet’ – kangaroo paw

Anigozanthos Landscape Violet is from the Tall and Tough range from Gardening With Angus. It suits most soils and can be grown in sun to partial shade. Higher light levels will give  better flowering. This kangaroo paw begins flowering in spring with multi branched stems of beautiful subtle shades of very pale purple to nearly white. They will attract birds […]

Conostylis bealiana ‘Bright Sparks’

A lovely clumping perennial plant with bright yellow flowers in spring and an attractive ball shaped plant. It likes good drainage and looks spectacular mass planted, as a border, pot specimen or dotted in the garden. Feed sparingly with a good native fertilizer in late winter to spring, watering in afterwards to prevent leaf or […]

Apium prostratum – sea celery

  This plant is a great edible native plant, and grows naturally along coastal areas in southern states of Australia. It can be a compact plant like parsley, or have a cascading form which looks great grown on banks or in hanging baskets and pots. It grows best in part shade, but can also be grown in […]

Citrus australasica ‘Judy’s Everbearing’

Judy’s Everbearing is a prolific cultivar, producing a plentiful crop of finger limes from summer to autumn and may produce fruits sporadically throughout the year. The fruits are a rich, dark green colour, and the pearls inside vary in colour depending on climatic conditions. This cultivar likes similar conditions to the classic finger lime, which […]

Helmholtzia glaberrima – Stream Lily

A  beautiful Australian native  lily with glossy dark green arching leaves and large panicles of white or pale pink flowers in summer. It is a hardy and easy care large perennial plant with strappy leaves. It grows from underground rhizomes which make it a hardy plant, and if it becomes untidy, simply pull or prune off the affected […]