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Kardomia odontocalyx – Heath Myrtle

A charming small shrub, growing to around a metre tall and wide, with numerous dainty white flowers covering the branches in summer. The foliage is pleasingly aromatic when crushed. It has a pleasing pendulous growth habit. A hardy plant, needing little care once established. A light prune after flowering will ensure a more dense habit […]

Cochlospermum fraseri – Kapok Tree

A deciduous large shrub to small tree which can grow to 6 metres. It has smooth, grey bark. The large yellow flowers are produced in spring. The seed pod is large and egg shaped with long cottony hairs surrounding the seed. Grows in clay to sandstone soil and is commonly found in  woodlands in the Northern Territory and north Western Australia, as well as […]

Atriplex nummularia – Old Man Saltbush

Old Man Saltbush has attractive silver foliage, growth habit tends to be sprawling to around 3 metres high and can get to 5 metres wide. Naturally growing in arid areas in all states of Australia, this is a very useful plant to grow as it tolerates high levels of salinity, alkalinity, severe drought and is good […]

Adenathos sericeus ‘Bronze Glow’ – Woolly Bush

An attractive shrub growing to around 3 metres tall, great for coastal gardens. The foliage is soft looking with bronze new growth. It has small insignificant orange tubular flowers throughout most of the year. Likes a sunny spot, does well in a wide range of soils as long as they are well drained.

Actinotus helianthi ‘Starbright’ – Flannel Flower

A selected form of the beautiful flannel flower, it is a short-lived perennial  with soft divided grey-green foliage and a compact habit. The white flowers which have a soft textured flannel feel are borne from late spring to mid summer. Needs a well drained open textured soil, and does well in containers where it can get good drainage. For sunny spots to […]

Hypocalymma robustum – Swan River Myrtle

  A small shrub growing to around 1.5 metres high with small thin mid green foliage. Flowering from late winter through spring with masses of pink to mauve flowers appear in clusters along the stems.  Beautiful when flowering but can be less hardy in humid climates, preferring Mediterranean climates  of dry summer and wet winter. Needs well drained soil in full sun or dappled shade and it is […]

Grevillea ‘John Evans’

A compact small shrub growing to around a metre high and wide, it has narrow profuse leaves and a naturally dense habit, further improved by a once a year pruning. Flowers in late winter to spring with pink to red bird attracting blooms. Likes a well drained soil, best in a sunny spot but will also grow in […]

Banksia ericifolia ‘Red Rover’

A hardy shrub to 2 metres high and wide, adaptable to a wide range of conditions, from sun to part shade. It has an open habit with pale green small leaves and bronze to red flowers in autumn and winter, which are highly bird attracting.

Dianella caerulea ssp assera ‘Curly Tops’

A hardy and minimal care tufting perennial plant. Flowers in summer with blue-purple sprays followed by bright blue decorative berries. A useful plant for difficult positions such as under trees, and for coastal gardens. Grow in full sun to part shade. If foliage becomes damaged it is easy to tidy up by pulling away old leaves […]

Eucalyptus caesia ‘Silver Princess’

A beautiful ornamental tree growing to around 6 to 8 metres tall, it has a gently weeping growth habit. Winter to spring flowering with large pink-red blossoms with contrasting yellow stamens. Young stems are red which age to smooth white branches, on the trunk the bark is decorative with peeling curls. This is known as minni-ritchi bark. Good for most soil types […]