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Gleichenia dicarpa – Coral Fern

A tall fern for moist areas, likes sunny aspects as well as part shade. One common name ‘tangle fern’ is from the roots which trap organic matter, which helps improve erosion areas. Found in moist areas and in tall open forests along the east coast of Australia, from Queensland to Tasmania.

Gastrolobium celsianum – Swan River Pea

A great easy care small shrub with a naturally neat habit. It flowers from late winter through spring, and the red flowers are nectar rich and bird attracting. Adaptable to a wide range of soils and climates including humid ones, in sun or semi shade. Can be used as an understory plant. Tolerates medium frosts.This plant used to […]

Enchylaena tomentosa – Ruby Saltbush

A very drought tolerant small shrub, growing to around a metre high and wide, as well as prostrate forms. It bears edible berries which start out greenish, and ripen to red, with a range of colours together on the bush. The berries have a sweet and salty flavour. Occurs extensively in inland areas as well as coastal, able […]

Doryphora sassafras – Sassafras

A large rainforest tree, not for gardens as it grows to around 30 metres tall, but good for parks and farms. Fast growing in moist and fertile soils, adaptable to different situations. It produces good wood for cabinet making. Autumn to winter flowers are small and white, sweet smelling.

Veronica decorosa – Speedwell

A small shrub that can be short lived, with attractive numerous white and pink flowers in winter and spring. Likes acid to neutral well drained soils, in a sunny position. Prune back after flowering to encourage a more compact habit. This plant is now known as Derwentia decorosa, and is native to South Australia.

Tetratheca pilosa – Pink Eye

A small shrub that is rather insignificant when not in flower, but is enlivened by bright mauve-pink nodding flowers from winter through to summer. Naturally occurring in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania in heathland and sclerophyll forest. Grows in sun to part shade.

Kunzea parvifolia – Violet Kunzea

A useful and variable small shrub for cool to warm temperate areas, with profuse bright mauve nectar rich  flowers in spring to summer. There are prostrate forms available, but they are mostly upright and wide plants with tiny leaves. A light prune after flowering will help encourage a more dense habit. Hardy and easy care for […]

Gossypium sturtianum – Sturt’s Desert Rose

A large woody shrub from arid areas of inland Australia, useful for its drought tolerance and attractive large hibiscus-like flowers. They are mauve to lilac with red centres, it flowers mostly in late winter with spot blooming the rest of the year, and they attract nectar loving birds. Though most at home in arid areas, […]

Olearia argophylla – Musk Daisy Bush

A medium sized shrub to small tree. In its natural range in damp forests in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania it can grow to 9 metres tall. Attractive foliage, toothed green leaves with silver reverse, and trusses of white to creamy yellow flowers from mid spring through to late autumn which are faintly musk perfumed. The wood is used […]