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Syzygium australe ‘Elite’ – Lilly Pilly

A great hedging and privacy plant, with a fast growing and dense growth habit. It has glossy green leaves with bronze orange new growth. Also good for topiary and bonsai. Grows naturally to around 5metres tall, but can be pruned to size and shape. Attracts native birds for the flowers, the reddish edible fruit and refuge. It is a good […]

Syzygium australe ‘Resilience’ – Lilly Pilly

A fast growing and compact cultivar with light green foliage and reddish bronze new growth. Excellent for hedging and screening, for topiary and bonsai. Grows naturally to 5metres tall and 3 metres wide, but can be pruned to the desired size and shape. Psyllid resistant. White flowers in spring followed by edible fruit.

Rhodanthe anthemoides ‘Star Shower’ – Everlasting Daisy

A beautiful and useful ground cover with masses of white paper daisy flowers in spring and summer. The flowers have pink tones when in bud. Great for flower and cottage gardens, borders, rockeries and containers. Suitable for coastal gardens and sandy soil types. Likes a sunny position with protection from the strong afternoon heat. After flowering, lightly prune to encourage a compact […]

Baeckea crassifolia – Heath Myrtle

A hardy coastal shrub, with white, pink to deep mauve small flowers mainly from early spring through summer. It has small aromatic leaves. Can be a straggly shrub, so benefits from a light pruning after flowering. Suits sunny positions to light shade, in sandy light soil with good drainage. salt and drought tolerant.

Linum marginale – Native Flax

A short lived perennial with sky blue flowers in spring and summer, followed by seed pods with numerous edible seeds. Like commercial flax, the stem of native flax produces useful fibres as well. Can be grown in most soil types in sun or part shade, tolerates frost and dry spells. The plant tends to die back in late summer, and reshoot. Can be mistaken […]

Persoonia pinifolia – Geebung

An attractive large shrub with mid green pine like foliage, native to the sandstone region of the Sydney basin. It has large spikes of bright yellow flowers in mid summer to autumn, followed by round fleshy fruit which are edible for birds and mammals. A great plant to use as an Australian Christmas tree, for screening […]

Xerochrysum viscosum – Sticky Everlasting Daisy

An attractive long flowering everlasting daisy with interesting sticky foliage, which can trap small insects. A good hardy plant for frost and drought areas, but also good for more humid areas. Easily grown in most well drained soils , best in full sun. It flowers from spring through summer with spot flowering in autumn. Prune back after flowering to stimulate new […]

Eryngium ovinum – Blue Devil

This is an interesting perennial which grows from late winter, flowers in summer with bright metallic blue interesting spiky heads, and then dies down in autumn. This spiky appearance gives the common name of Blue Devil, and they make great cut flowers, both fresh and dried. While the plant dies down, it is a relatively long lived […]

Grevillea ‘Little Sparkler’

A superb and useful dwarf shrub, growing to half a metre high and wide. Lots of orange and yellow spider flowers all through winter and spring, which are great for smaller nectar feeders. Fine foliage and a naturally dense habit which can be made even more dense by light pruning after flowering. Tolerates heavy frost and […]

Grevillea lanigera ‘Mallee Cherie’

A delightful small to medium shrub, with profuse small red and cream spider flowers in winter and spring. Growing to around 1.2 metres high and wide, with reasonably dense grey green foliage, it can be pruned to smaller size if needed. Good for low informal hedging and screening, suits most soils. At its best in well drained soil and sunny […]