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Worm farming for beginners

Worm farms are a terrific option for recycling all kinds of organic materials in your garden. They are particularly useful for gardeners that have small amounts of organic materials such as kitchen scraps on a daily basis. A worm farm can easily keep pace with the organic waste from an average sized family once it […]

How to make an in ground worm farm

In ground worm farms – a composting method for the time poor gardener How do you find the time to maintain a compost heap when you don’t even have the time to do the fun stuff in your garden? This is an increasing situation I am seeing with gardeners in urban areas. There is also […]

How can I use compost to reduce soil borne root diseases

Controlling soil-borne diseases with compost Organic gardeners have long observed that the use of compost makes for healthy plants. A substantial body of scientific evidence is now emerging to support the intuitive feelings of the devotees of compost. There are several reasons why compost works so well, such as the nutrients it releases and the […]

The easiest composting method of all

Composting is simply the process Mother Nature uses to dispose of her organic waste materials (in other words anything that was once living). In its commonest form it is the carpet of leaves, sticks and other material on the forest floor that is gradually recycled into the soil. Composting is carried out by various scavengers […]

Tips For Adding Colour to You Garden

How can I add more colour to my garden?  It is possible to have wild flower colour in your garden all year with some of the fantastic new Australian plant varieties now on the market. And proven older long flowering varieties  such as ‘€˜Bush Pearl’€™ and ‘Diamond’ kangaroo paws and grevilleas like ‘€˜Robyn Gordon’ and ‘€˜Superb’€™ will […]

Weed Control in the Garden

How do I control weeds in my garden? It is critical to try and nip in the bud any possible weed infestations as early as possible in the growing season through spring and summer. The approach taken to weed control should vary according to the growth habit of the problem plant. Annual weeds are those […]

Salt Resistant Plants For The Garden

Rather than fighting against sea spray or saline soils, the trick with salty gardening is to choose plants that have originated in coastal zones around the world. There is something for everyone’€™s taste that will not only survive but thrive as well. You may prefer a native feel that will blend in with remnant bushland in […]