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Anigozanthos ‘Bush Diamond’ Kangaroo Paw

An unusual and beautiful flower colour in kangaroo paws varying from snow white when grown in warmer temperatures to white with a pink overtone in cooler conditions. Dwarf habit with branched stems and prolific non-stop blooming performance. A reasonable garden plant and outstanding in a pot. Prefers a sunny position and well drained soils for best performance. […]

Kangaroo paw cut flower tip video

This is a video about how you can use kangaroo paws (Anigozanthos species and hybrids) for indoor decoration as cut flowers. If you cut the flowers halfway up the stems when the flowers first start to open you can encourage a second flush of flowers from the dormant flower buds that sit at the bottom […]

Anigozanthos ‘Bush Pioneer’ Kangaroo Paw – Bush Gems Landscapers Series

A long-lived and hardy ‘Bush Gems Landscapers’ kangaroo paw with abundant golden flowers. This reliable kangaroo paw from the ‘Bush Gems Landscapers’ series is a great tall paw that will establish easily in the garden and perform beautifully for years. Like the rest of the ‘Bush Gems Landscapers’ range, ‘Bush Pioneer’ has been selected for its […]

Growing Kangaroo Paws

This is an excerpt from Angus’s book Creating an Australian Garden This remarkable group of Australian plants embody many of the qualities that make our native plants so distinctive. Their vibrant, almost iridescent flower colours are combined with a beautifully furry texture created by the hairs that cover the stems and flowers—and provide the latter’s […]

Anigozanthos ‘Landscape Orange’

A tall and tough kangaroo paw with mid orange flowers, designed for landscape use and permanent garden plantings as part of the ‘Gardening With Angus’ range of kangaroo paws, this versatile plant will light up the landscape with its iconically Australian flowers in Spring and Summer. Selected for its longevity, low maintenance requirements, and improved […]

Anigozanthos Landscape Pink

A tall and tough ‘Gardening With Angus’ kangaroo paw with  long stems of pink flowers Designed for landscape use and permanent garden plantings as part of the ‘Gardening With Angus’ range, this versatile tall kangaroo paw will light up the landscape with its great pink flowers in Spring and Summer. ‘Landscape Pink’ has been selected for its longevity, […]